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Super Power Bike 2018

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Pirani group of companies is a famous reputed company which has maintained their good will since its start. They offer very good and reliable products with high quality and an economical price. Moreover, all their products are very reliable to use. In addition to this, they have introduced a wide range of Super Power Bikes in Pakistan.

History of Pirani Group & Super Power Bike

Pirani Group first took roots in a small city called Hyderabad and was on a very small scale. Soon, they worked hard and put a lot of effort and within 40 years they expanded across the borders. This growth of the Group in a small amount of time gave them the will to go further. Stake holders, the society, and bikers are all happy and respect this group. Pirani Group owns Super Power Bikes and enjoys a large market share. Moreover, this group also makes rickshaws, scooty, tractor, mini trucks, power trucks and also spare parts. Their bike range includes SP 70CC, Super Power 150cc, 150cc bikes, power motorcycle 150cc, and super power cheetah 110.

The final aim of this group is to make a difference in the lives of customer, whereby satisfying them. The Pirani group takes pleasure in knowing they do this. Other than that, Pirani group targets stakeholders, people out of the country and the rest of Pakistan. This super power motorcycle company also hopes to win the trust of the people. This happens by giving them a super power bike which gives them the value for their hard earned money. In addition to this, they always spend money to buy the best machines, people, and materials. As a result, they can make amazing high-quality products. At the same time, the super power bike factory also has amazing machines and employees.

Pirani Group’s Super Power Bike

The Super power bike is a result of hard work and dedication. The idea of superpower bike was first thought in a small city of Hyderabad. This idea to make superpower bike was so good that it changed the way motorcycle industry works. As a result, Super Power Motorcycle Company is now so famous that everyone knows it in Pakistan.Pirani Group makes all sorts of bikes like: Super Power 150cc, 150cc bikes, power motorcycle 150cc, super power cheetah 110. Super power 2017 bikes newer and have other advanced features too.

Super Power Bike 2018 Models

Superpower bike 100cc has a single cylinder air cooled engine. Super power bike 2017 has a 100cc capacity and a 4-speed gear. Hence, the driver can ride for longer and cover a greater distance on less fuel. For example, the super power bike rider will use 1.5 liters of petrol to cover 100 km. The weight of the Super power bike 100cc is very light. Moreover, it has a 92 cc shift with a wet plate. This superpower bike is great for people who want a great design with power for an affordable price.

Super Power Cheetah 2018

The nick name Cheetah already hints how fast this super power bike is. The Super power cheetah 110cc is not only powerful but it has awesome features too. Super power cheetah 110 has a very powerful engine of 110 cc. However, this bike is one level below the super power motorcycle 150cc, it has the similar power of it. It comes with a heavy silencer and sound absorber shock features. Moreover, the Super power Cheetah 110 has a very comfortable leather seat to make the rider’s ride smooth.

Other than that, the super power motorcycle company has put stainless steel mudguard and handle in this amazing bike. Super Power cheetah 110 has an electric starting system and has disc brakes on the front. This means that in terms of safety, this amazing bike beats every other bike. Finally, the overall road grip of this bike is also perfect, making it safer and smoother to ride.super power bike official website

Super Power Archi 150cc 2018

This new model of Pirani Group is one of the Super Power Bike 2017 models. This model has also taken the Pakistani bike market and bike lovers by a surprise. This super power 150 cc is one of the best looking 150cc bikes in the market. For instance, if you check the150 cc power bike prices, you will realize that this beast is the best deal one can get.This 150cc bike truly stands on the phrase ‘beauty and the beast’.Similarly, the design, looks, and color combo of this bike are simply mind-blowing.

This power motorcycle 150cc is a truly a combo of high technology and awesome specs combined. In addition to that, the main features include 2 amazing valves engine, 4 stroke air cylinder,5 speed gear shift and 150 cc capacity. The appearance of the superpower 150cc ARCHI’s is just like a beautiful sports bike.This super power 150 cc Archi has wolf shaped headlights, amazing fuel economy, modern design and comfortable leather seats.

Super Power Leo 200cc 2018

PiraniGroup has come up with this year’s best and latest product, the new super power bike which is 200cc. This super power bike can is available to purchase in radiant red and white colors. Both which are beautiful and attractive. The size of this bike is huge and its design is exactly like a sports bike. Moreover, the super power bike 200 uses an electrical system which works the best.super power bike official website

The look of the 200cc super power bike 2017 is not at all ordinary. The headlight makes the bike super attractive. This bike is also very safe and secure in usage. For instance, the front disc brakes make the bike very safe. The Super Power bike 200 cc has a 4 stroke engine with a water cooling, double shock radiator.Furthermore, the both of the starter systems are available in the bike. More to it, the wheel and tires size of the front and rear are same which is 135-10, 10PR. In addition to that, the fuel tank capacity of the super power bike is 6 liters for petrol.