Top Survival Tips to Keep in Mind While Riding in Streets |

Top Survival Tips to Keep in Mind While Riding in Streets

Riding bike is one of those experiences which are thrilling and exciting yet leave us in complete chaos at times.  No matter how long you have been driving a bike, one can certainly be never a pro at it. The reasons are numerous. Driving a bike in Pakistan is a new experience every day. Since the traffic in Pakistan is ever changing and brings new experience every day. No matter how consciously one drive and no matter how keenly one follows traffic rules. The chances are you will come across an unfortunate situation every now and then. Either finding yourself surrounded by rash drivers or an unforeseen situation. However, worry not since there are few tips to keep in mind. So that you excel the art of riding a bike in local streets.

Riding a bike can work as anti-stress therapy. Provided you keep your mind off the life worries and focus purely on road. This will not only help ease your mind but will help avoid adverse situations. Like the bike or car in front, see it from distance. Never get too close to any vehicle always keep a fair distance. You never know when the other person changes his mind, plans to turn or hit the break. This will give you fair time to hit the brakes and stop the bike. Also, in case of the risky or crowded road never be hesitant to stop the bike. Always keep in mind it’s not difficult to speed up but it takes a wise mind to avoid a critical situation. Therefore, try to perceive mind of other people driving around you as it helps to understand their next road behavior.

Additional Tips –

Whenever making a purchase, make sure to buy clear visors. Tinted visors may be attractive but they make it really dangerous to see through at night. Especially on the roads which are dimly lit. Avoid the usage of exhaust pipes with ear-shattering noise. Just in case you have one of the superbikes with high noise make use of foam earplugs. In order to protect your ears and also, enabling you to listen to the honking of other cars. Furthermore, go an extra mile and make a purchase of thick fabric pants with authentic guards. So that your joints and legs do not get injured.