Suzuki GR 150 2018 Price in Pakistan and Specification |

Suzuki GR 150 2018

GR 150 Price Rs. 219,000

Pak Suzuki is one of the most popular companies operating in Pakistan.  Pak Suzuki bikes are not only popular but they offer style, comfort and quality trio. Obviously on the other hand who can forget that Pak Suzuki is one of those companies which are economical. Friendly on the pocket, allowing majority to purchase their products. Recently, Pak Suzuki introduced another beast in the market Suzuki GR 150 2018. A bike which is indeed class apart. A sleek looking bike with powerful appearance of fuel tank but narrow enough to help you squeeze through heavy traffic.

Apparently, the way the bike looks makes it more suitable for youngsters. Way stylish and sporty, certainly the bike will gain popularity and will be preferred by masses. Suzuki gr 150 2018 model in Pakistan has given Euro II technology. Furthermore, it is approved by Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan 2018

The price of the bike is little high as compared to its competitors. Suzuki gr 150 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR.219000. Indeed the price is little high and one can get 150cc bike in quite less than that. However, the price of Pak Suzuki gr150cc Motorcycle may not bother due to the reason that it’s a sound bike. Moreover, 24 months installment plan with 0% mark up makes this bike easily affordable. Adding on, Suzuki gr 150 is available with three-year engine warranty which is way too much. A company can only offer such long period of warranty when they are confident about their product. Therefore, one does not need to worry about having any glitches in the bike.

Company Behind Suzuki GR 150 2018

We all are well aware of the fact that Pak Suzuki is popular brand in Pakistan. They have been operating in the market since 1982. During this period the company has managed to win hearts of people by delivering excellence and great customer service. They did not only restricted themselves to manufacturing motorcycles but they also make number of other products. Few of their products are automobiles, motorcycles, engines, outboard motors and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Moreover, the company is functional in number of countries. Managing to maintain their reputation through excellent product quality.

Features of Suzuki GR 150 2018

Suzuki gr 150 2018 is a sporty bike which is available in two colors in the market, black and red. The fuel tank like always is embellished with graphics. One thing which stands out about this bike is that it’s pretty neatly done. The Suzuki gr 150 2018 fuel tank is stylish and aerodynamic. If we focus on the headlights, they bright and gigantic. The design of headlights somehow resembles Superpower Cheetah 110cc bike.  More or less I felt that both Suzuki gr 150 2018 and superpower Cheetah 110cc resembles a lot in appearance. However, Suzuki gr 150 2018 is given digital speedometer and fuel indicator.  Moreover, the speedometer of Suzuki gr 150 2018 is analog type along with MF Formula battery.

Suzuki gr 150 2018 is further given black painted muffler exhausts and the shape of the muffler is A cylinder. The mudguards of the bike are from scratch less plastic both in front and back. Suzuki gr 150 is also given alloy rims for better road experience since they act as shield against wear and tear. The seat of Suzuki gr 150 is stair type. This particular seat type adds to exterior beauty of the bike. Also, the stair type seat is way comfortable for both rider and pillion.

Technical Specifications Suzuki GR 150 2018

Suzuki gr 150 2018 is available in 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled OHC engine with of course 150cc displacement. The bore and stroke of bike are 57 x 58.6 mm. The clutch type is Wet Type Multi-Plate with the 5-speed transmission. Suzuki gr 150 is available in both kick and electric start options. Moreover, the frame of the bike is diamond which helps to provide support to engine. Yet a diamond frame is lightweight reducing the overall weight of the bike. Therefore, it should be no surprise that despite having a powerful image and great displacement.

Suzuki gr 150 2018 dry weight is still only 133kgs. Let’s move on and focus on remaining specifications of Suzuki gr 150 2018. This Pak  Suzuki bike has a 5-speed transmission although most of the bikes are 4-speed. The dimensions of the bike are 2055 (LxWxH).  The ground clearance of bike is fairly high being 165mm which help the bike to remain stable. Also, if one focus on the road experience offered by Suzuki gr 150 2018 it is comfortable and smooth. The bike is capable of overcoming small bumps on the road and it will offer stable ride. Particularly preferable for long drives. The petrol capacity of Suzuki gr 150 is 12.5liters with an average mileage of 45kmpl. The size of the wheel in front is 2.75 – 18 whereas back wheel size is 3.0 – 18.

Suzuki gr 150 2018 is further given disc brakes in front whereas the back brakes are drum brakes. The suspension of bikes is strong with front wheel suspension being the telescopic type. The back suspensions of the bike are swing arm type.


Suzuki GR 150 2018 is a powerful bike which offers great road experience. However, the price of the bike is little high, especially when compared to its competitors. This is the only drawback which may interfere with the sale of this bike. Since it takes buying power away from many people. As this bike is more sporty and will be more desirable to youth than middle age men. However, the high price will make it next to impossible for majority of young adults to buy this bike. Moreover, the resale value of the Suzuki gr 150 2018 will certainly be less. One may not get fair amount back when going to sell this bike. Overall if I consider this bike, it’s a good bike which aims to full fill the need for transport. At the same time providing utmost style.