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Suzuki GS 150 VS Honda 150

Honda 150 vs Suzuki GS 150 – Comparison

The rivalry between Honda and Suzuki over domination of the Pakistani automobile market is a well-documented one. The rivalry, however, is entering a new chapter with Honda finally striking back, with the launch on the Honda 150. The Honda 150 launched at Honda Deal’s convention in Lahore on 3rd May this year at a very competitive price of Rs.159, 000 to match the rates of its main competition the Suzuki GS 150, which has a price of Rs.158, 000. With both Suzuki gs 150 vs Honda 150, 150cc motorcycles being released by the two major companies in the Pakistani market and roughly pricing the same the question is bound to arise in the minds of motorbike riders, which motorbike outclasses the other? To answer this let’s look at the specifications of the Honda 150 and the Suzuki GS 150 simultaneously.

Honda 150 vs Suzuki GS 150 Specification

First off let’s look at the specifications of both the contenders and see where they stand based on their specifications alone. They both have a displacement of 150cc and have both the kick start and self start options. However major differences start when you consider their respective engines. The Suzuki GS150 has a 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled Engine whereas the Honda is superior is the respect sporting a 4 stroke 150 cc SOHC Inherent Turbo air cooled engine with a Balancer. The Honda 150 also has a Low maintenance viscous air filter and a stylish muffler exhaust. The Suzuki GS 150 has a fuel capacity of 12 liters.

The Suzuki GS 150 has a fuel capacity of 12 liters. However, Honda 150 has a maximum capacity of 13 liters which allows for a greater ground clearance of 168mm. Whereas the GS 150 has a ground clearance of only 155mm. Due to these extra features however the Honda 150 is considerably heavier, with a dry weight of 124 kilograms as opposed to the Suzuki GS 150 which has a dry weight of only 116 kilograms. The specifications of the two amazing vehicles both are nothing short of amazing.

honda 150
Honda CB150F


Next, let us consider the overall look of both motorcycles. As this field is one of opinion and not one with an objective answer let us just discuss the look of both motorbikes. The Suzuki GS150 has a very classic look with a round headlight and a body shape that is evergreen. It has a very common and generic look to it. The Honda 150, however, has a very modernized aesthetic to it. It is very different from the common motorbikes on the roads of Pakistan every day.

honda 150
Honda CB150F

Having a ventilation front disc brake, a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing speedometer with gear indicator, trip meter, RPM, and fuel gauge, it is an impressive example of how Honda has managed to change its outlook of the features and look of motorbikes to stay with the times. Also that the Suzuki GS 150 comes in two colors I.e. red and black. Whereas, Honda 150 is available in three vibrant colors red, blue and green.

honda 150
Honda 150

Customer Value and Performance:

Regarding anyone of these corporate giants would, as disconnected to the customers would be a huge dis-service to them. However, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of both to have a complete overview. Honda has given a three-year warranty on its latest masterpiece, breaking the six-month norm of the industry. Suzuki GS150 definitely has the better pick of the two but the Honda 150 is better for long rides.
In conclusion, the choice is yours on what you want to ride through the streets of