Suzuki Intruder 2018 Launched in India by Suzuki India |

Suzuki Intruder Model 2018 Launched in India

The Suzuki intruder 2018 is a great award winning motor bike. The intruder is truly an amazing beast of a bike. The Suzuki heavy bikes have gotten a great shift in tech. Moreover the Suzuki bikes have started being produced locally. The latest model of the Suzuki Intruder 2018 is the M1800R. Moreover, Suzuki motorcycles have started to sell the Suzuki intruder 2018 in india as well. Furthermore, this bike has a very unique style. The Suzuki intruder is a champion in racing. Even so the engine of this bike is amazing. The big V twin engine put in the intruder gives it the edge over other bikes. Suzuki intruder is the most modern bike. In addition, this bike has strong brakes and suspension. As a result, it gives one a royal and classy feeling.

The firm which makes the Suzuki intruder 2018 is Suzuki Motors india. It is a famous brandin auto mobiles. It has made a great name and repo for itself in the last few years. This is because of the quality which the company gives. In addition, this brand has won the hearts of people in motor bike industry of Pakistan and India both. The common bikes of Suzuki are all over the roads these two countries. They are GS 150, GS 150 SE, Raider, Sprinter ECO, GD 110, Sprinter Standard, etc. In addition, their high ends modelsare: Intruder, Bandit, Inazuma and Suzuki Hayabusa.

The Suzuki intruder 2018 comes with a bunch of great features. They give a good competition to other brands with heavy bikes. The Suzuki intruder 2018 has an overall displacement of 805 cc, with 2 cylinders and a 4stroke engine. Moreover, itsmaxpower is 50 Bhp @ 6500 rpm, whereas its max torque is 65 Nm @ 5000 rpm. Similarly, this bike has 5 manual speed gears. Moreover, it has a wet multiplate clutch that gives it some extra power to the engine. In addition, it has an 8 valve DOHC, 54 degreeliquid cooled engine. Moreover, the Suzuki intruder 2018 has an overall length of 2400 mm, and overall width of 890 mm. Similarly, its height is 1105mm.Furthermore, its wheel base is 1655mm and the seat is 700mm above ground.In addition, the weight of this bike is 269 kg.

The features of the Suzuki intruder 2018 are great too. It comes with a digital fuel gauge and a self electric start system. Moreover, it has a digital 2 trip meter, analogue speed meter and a passenger foot rest. Furthermore, it has a step up seat, pass light, fuel indicator, low battery indicator and high oil temp indicator. Moreover, its petrol tank capacity is 15.50 liters. However, the mileage of the Intruder covers it up. The Suzuki intruder 2018 gives around 14 km per liter. The all new Suzuki intruder 2018 price in indiais around 9 lakh indian rupees. For a bike of this range, this price is nothing.