Suzuki Launches 2018 GIXXER AND GIXXER SF in India

Suzuki Launches 2018 GIXXER AND GIXXER SF

The year, 2018 have resulted in numerous attractive bikes from Suzuki. Let it be heavy bikes, sports bikes or everyday bikes. Recently, Suzuki launched its most anticipated commuter premium bikes. These bikes are labeled as Gixxer and Gixxer SF. The appearance of the bike is powerful and perfect to make a style statement. The bike fanatics are certainly going to go head over heels over these two bikes. Gixxer is equally attractive but if you are looking for something exclusive, Gixxer SF may work for you.  Gixxer price in Pakistan is PKR.155,000, while the Gixxer SF is expected to be slightly higher priced. Both the bikes have approximately PKR.15000 price gap.

Gixxer, as well as GixxerSF new 2018 model, is given new paint scheme. Furthermore, customers will be given choice if they want dual tone in red and silver colors. Moreover, the exclusive model Gixxer SF is further given logo of Ecstar under the scheme with MotoGP paint. Adding on for those who are unaware, Ecstar is a Japanese brand of engine oil.

Gixxer and Gixxer SF, have swept the market. Ever since the bikes have been introduced they are highly being appreciated by the customers. Particularly due to the bike exclusive features. The new paint scheme is expected to do quite well in the market. It is assumed that it will take over the market and will give tough competition to competitors. The added advantage of these models is that not much has been altered in pricing.

The few of the distinct features of these bikes include elegant, alluring design with great graphics. The graphics are also of unique design with stylish headlights and tail lights. They have powerful shock absorbers and is given modern technology. Also, Gixxer and Gixxer SF have digital speedometers along with nice chain protector.