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Suzuki motorcycles company is a bike company. A company which is present for a long time. Starting a business in 1982. Their products include –  automobiles, motorcycles, engines, outboard motors and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). They have huge and broad spectrum reach to different countries and regions. Similarly, their network of sales is great. Suzuki motors after sale services is great too. Their products are most preferred in the motorcycle market of Pakistan. Pak suzuki motors have fine reputation. Even sale coverage is amazing. Suzuki motorcycles goes out of the way to make sure to get a skilled team of employees.

Manufactures of Suzuki Motorcycles 2018

Pak Suzuki Motors Company is a local partner of Japan automakers – Suzuki. It is a Pakistani maker and seller of cars and bikes. It even has firms and over sea divisions. Pak Suzuki is one of the largest car makers in the country. Among popular cars by this firm are – Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus, and Swift. An interesting fact is Suzuki does not have airbags in cars. Company start was as a public limited company in August 1983. Within year they started commercial operations in  1984.

Pak Suzuki is the creator of Automobile Business in our country. It has the most modern and the largest plants in Pakistan. Suzuki motorcycles make around 150,000 vehicles in a year. The vehicles which this firm makes are – cars, small vans, pickups, cargo vans and motorcycles. The company has more than 50 percent of the market share. This company aim of giving their products to people. The vendors also support this company a lot. This is one of the reasons for its success. Suzuki motorcycles firm has the largest Dealers network. It also offers Sales, Service and Spare Parts. This all is available all across Pakistan.

The motorcycles of this firm are – Suzuki GS 150 SE, Sprinter ECO, Raider, Sprinter, Suzuki GD110 and Suzuki 150. It also has a range of amazing heavy bikes. They are – Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki Bandit, Suzuki intruder and Suzuki Inazuma aegis.

Organizational Structure Of Suzuki Motorcycles 2018

Pak Suzuki motorcycles is being run by a group of directors. All seven directors are part of Suzuki motorcycles team for minimum 20years The list of directors includes Mr. Kinji Saito, Mr. Masafumi Harano, Mr.Hirofumi Nagao, Mr. Toshihiro Suzuki, Mr. Shigeo Takezawa. Also, Mr. Kazuyuki Yamashita and Mr. Moin M Fudda are directors of the company.

They all are focus towards the betterment of this company. Determined in promoting Suzuki company. Transport plays a vital role in the progress of a country. Specially where per capita income is low. It has become just a dream for a common man to have a personal bike. Suzuki motorcycles provide good quality, cheap vehicles.

The chairman of Suzuki motorcycles is Mr. Masafumi Harano. He recently joined Pak Suzuki only in July 2017. Already proving to be a hardworking and talented individual. He works towards the progress of Suzuki motorcycles day and night. He is also the reason behind the success of Suzuki motorcycles.

Suzuki Motorcycles Mission And Vision

Pak Suzuki motors mission is very simple and focused. Suzuki motorcycles aim to focus on developing products. Moreover, products which are superior in value. This is particularly done by keeping consumers in mind.  Followed by focusing on the internal culture of the company. Making sure that company is teamwork oriented. Suzuki motorcycles promote innovation. Followed by a refreshing environment in the company. Lastly, the mission of a company is to develop their employee. Improving their team continuously. Providing adequate training and skills. Suzuki motorcycles further have a very brief vision. This vision design is very well. They want to be known as a company that values needs of their customers. They not only want to focus on need and requirements. Suzuki motorcycles also want to focus on service. Providing their customer exceptional service. Both before and after-sales service.
Most Popular Suzuki Motorcycles –

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa is finest Suzuki bike. Offering great speed. Along with tough attitude. It is one of exceptional Suzuki bikes. It is considered expensive and fastest. Not only in Pakistan but around the world. The design of Suzuki Hayabusa is also highly sporty. Making it an attractive heavy bike. The dry weight of the bike is 220kg, which is almost double for regular bikes.  The petrol capacity is of 20litres. This Suzuki motorcycle has DOHC 16 Valve; 4-Cylinder; Liquid Cooled engine. Making it extremely powerful and high-performance beast. In addition to this, Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the bikes which do not compromise on almost anything. Let it be style, design or internal features. This is the reason that bike price is even high. Costing PKR 260,000.

Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki motorcycles managed to launch a maxi – scooter. A scooter which is ruling many hearts. Furthermore, the look is not only sleek and attractive but the design is also very thoughtful. If one has to go for a long drive, this bike will not disappoint you.  Providing not only comfort but is amazing in power. This Suzuki motorcycle has dry weight of 277kg. Moreover, the engine of the bike is 54hp parallel-twin. The bike has lot of space to put your accessories and belongings. Some of the amazing features of the bike – include a digital Speedometer. 14-inch rims, seats with back support. Even the height of the windscreen is adjustable. Along with retractable rear view. The bike with all these amazing features is certainly a luxury.

Conclusion Pak Suzuki Motorcycle 2018

Suzuki motorcycles is one of the most reliable companies in town. It is around for more than a decade. They are known for producing quality products. Certainly, if someone wants to buy a motorcycle without having a much future hassle. Suzuki motorcycle will be a wise choice.  Although the company provides only 6month warranty or first 6000kms. Still, the company has proper network. Providing information who and where to contact in case of issues. Let it be bike purchase or maintenance.