The Newly Elected Govt. Planning to Cut Subsidy on Metro Projects

The Newly Elected Govt. Planning to Cut Subsidy on Metro Projects


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is required to proceed using the metro transport benefits in Punjab and Islamabad however it will take measures to limit dependence on government endowments and transform it into a self-economical administration.

“As immense cash has been spent on metro transport extends in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Multan, it would not be an insightful choice to end its activities,” said PTI representative Fawad Chaudhry.

He said that metro transport administrations go under the common government’s ward and in the wake of assuming the responsibility of the administration undertaking, Prime Minister, Imran Khan would be given a point by point instructions on metro transport ventures.

Chaudhry said that right now gigantic endowments are being squandered on the metro transport administrations which are a weight on the administration exchequer. The government alone is bearing around Rs 2 billion endowments on Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro transport benefits yearly.


Diverse choices including expanding the amount of fare and running it on Bus Rapid Transit system (Peshawar-BRT) model would be thought upon to influence metro to transport benefit self-feasible, PTI representative included.

The legislature would not give endowment for the BRT venture, as the model embraced to develop the BRT benefit is a third-generation model that is working in China.

Right now, around 50 metro transports amongst Rawalpindi and Islamabad are being worked while the rest are stopped at the station because of less number of workers. Around 100,000 travelers utilize metro transport every day against the objective of in excess of 150,000 workers for each day. Thus, the common government did not expedite more transports the course.

Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) authorities uncovered that around 100 percent expansion in Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro transport is normal in coming a long time likewise with the present toll, the administration isn’t practical. The charge in the metro transports is Rs 20 for every traveler which may increment up to Rs 40-50 for every traveler. The administration should either expand the appropriations or increment passage to make the administration economical, sources told.

In view of transport track length, the government is paying 60 percent of the endowment and the rest is being paid by the Punjab government on Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro transport service. For the national government, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is bearing more than 60 percent of the appropriation cost for the metro benefit. CDA needed to pay around Rs 4.23 billion by June 30, 2018 according to the agreement.

The transport facility between the twin cities was begun in 2015 yet the matter of endowment was undecided for the main eighteen months.