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Treet Euro ii Tr 70

treet euro ii tr 70
Treet Euro ii TR 70

Treet Euro ii TR 70 Price Rs: 44,000

Image Credit: Treet Bikes

Ali Group, more commonly known as Treet Corporation have been in business for several decades. The company has been performing quite well in the region. This is one of the reasons why the company gained immense recognition in short span of time. Digging into company background, Treet Corporation main domain was trade and industry. They were involved in this business even before Pakistan was made. However, later the business was expanded and the company started to gain interest in the industrial sector. Formally laying the foundation in 1952 of Treet Corporation. It is worth mentioning here that there is a number of other companies operating under the banner of Treet Corporation. Few of the companies are IGI Insurance, Liaqat Medical College and National Hospital and Packages Limited.

The thing which stands out about the company is that they make a limited number of products. However, they have not restricted themselves to motorcycles only but they also make three-wheelers. Focusing on the bikes, the company have a total of five new models of motorcycles in the market. Since the demand for 70cc bikes is more in the country, the company is more focused towards manufacturing 70cc bikes than 100cc. At the moment the company only have one 100cc bike in the market. Recently, Treet Corporation another 70cc bike is found rolling on the streets.

Treet euro ii tr 70 new model 2018 in Pakistan is the newest addition to Treet family. Treet euro ii tr 70 is designed in such a way that it addresses to transport issues in the region. Since public transports are not too reliable, people can certainly buy this bike and make their life easier. Treet euro ii tr 70 is a powerful bike which is capable of running smoothly even on the roughest of roads. Let it urban area or rural, Treet euro ii tr 70 is designed for all road types.

Moving on, the specifications and features of Treet euro ii tr 70 are average. The bike does have all the specs which one may look on the motorcycle but again it is not something extraordinary. It is a basic bike aimed towards meeting the basic need. Nevertheless, Treet euro ii tr 70 is given Euro II technology which is a good thing as it eliminates excessive production of pollutants. However, that’s the basic criteria set by PSQCA now.  As a result, Treet euro ii tr 70 is approved by Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority.

Treet euro ii tr 70 2018 Price in Pakistan

Treet euro ii tr 70 price in Pakistan 2018 is kept pocket-friendly so that it can easily be afforded by the target market. Tr 70cc price in Pakistan 2018 is  PKR. 44000. If compared to Treet tr 70 the price is only PKR.4000 less. However, Treet tr 70 is self-start and Treet euro ii tr 70 is kick start.

Features – Treet euro ii tr 70

Treet euro ii tr 70 is more of a practical bike launches by Treet Corporation. The bike will work well if your major aim is to meet the basic transport need. This could be one of the reasons that Treet euro ii tr 70 is more popular in rural areas than urban. Treet euro ii tr 70 is available in the market in red and black colors with chunky graphics on fuel tanks. The seats are also comfortable and spacious, making it pretty suitable for families. Also, the seat bar provides extra support and eliminate the chances of minor accidents for pillions. The headlight and indicators are a crystal which illuminates the bright light, maintaining great focus on the road.

Moreover, the speedometer of Treet euro ii tr 70 is analog with a powerful looking fuel tank. The bike is further given aluminum alloys and stainless steel mudguards both in front and back. Focusing on the silencer it is cone-shaped, chic looking silencer adding to the beauty of the bike.

Technical Specifications – Treet euro ii tr 70

Whenever one is purchasing a bike, the focus of the person eventually gets drawn towards technical specification of the bike. Treet digital edition may look like an everyday. However, the company did try to give its customer a little extra. If one talks about Treet digital edition features and specifications, they are comparable to any top-notch brand.

Treet euro ii tr 70 new model 2018 in Pakistan is also Air Cool, 4 Stroke OHV engine. The displacement of the bike is 70cc. Moreover, the bore and stroke of this bike are 50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches). The Treet euro ii tr 70 is further given drum brakes for both front and rear brakes. Along with wet type multi-plate clutch and kick start starting. The dimensions of the bike are 1885x815x1190 (lxwxh).  Moreover, the frame of the bike is the popular backbone-type frame.

Adding on, the petrol tank capacity remains unknown on this bike. However,  I assume it to be 9 liters. Since more or less all the specifications of this bike are similar to Treet TR 70. The only spot able difference so far is in start type. Treet euro ii tr 70 fuel consumption is quite economical, giving an approximate mileage of 80kmpl. It certainly means once the petrol tank is full, it will go long way. The dry weight of Treet euro ii tr 70 is 82kgs. Most of the 70cc bikes have weight around 90kgs comparatively the weightless. Maybe due to the reason that the bike has an aerodynamic body. However, the low weight may cause the bike to slip during rainy days or over speeding.

The size of the front and back wheels are same. The wheel size is 2.50-17, for both front and rare. Furthermore, the front suspension of Treet euro ii tr 70 is Center Axel From 277 Tube. Whereas the back suspension is spiral spring.


Treet euro ii tr 70 is a basic bike for everyday use. It is more suitable for people who do not want to spend too much on transport and are not looking for something fancy. The specifications, features, and pics are also given above for you to decide yourself. However, like every bike Treet euro ii tr 70 will also require scheduled maintenance to increase the engine life. Lastly, I am a bit hesitant about the availability of original spare parts of the bike. Moreover, finding registered dealer will be difficult too since the website lacks dealer information.

treet euro ii tr 70
Color Red

Treet Euro ii TR 70 Specification

EngineAir Cooled, 4 Strock OHVDisplacement70 CC
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches)Compression Ratio
StartingKick StartFrameBone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1885 x 815 x 1190 mmGround Clearance
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front
Tyre at BackDry Weight