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Treet 100cc Bike 2018

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One of the brands under Ali Group of Companies is Treet. Treet is a very popular brand and almost everyone in Pakistan is well aware of the brand. Either in the sector of blades or motorcycles, people have heard its name one way or another. For the little of background knowledge, the company is around since 1952 under the label of Treet Corporation. They have also been manufacturing three wheelers other than motorcycles. The specifically good thing about Treet bike is that they are not producing motorcycles at the speed of light. They design handful of motorcycles so that design and technology is kept in check. Also, it helps the company to ensure that quality is controlled. Hence, delivering excellence.

United Treet 100cc Bike 2018 model in Pakistan is something which is targeting slight young audience than old men. Although it can also be looked upon that people who are aging and still have spark in them can certainly buy this bike. The company certainly did not market its bike exclusively for youngsters.  Showing neutral emotions, making bike suitable for all ages. However, the slightly different shape of bike with black, cone silencer may make this bike more popular among youth. Even the company tagline for Treet 100cc Bike 2018 makes it more exclusive for young audience. As the tagline says “jawan jazbo ke pehchan”. Treet 100cc Bike 2018 is given Chinese technology, most of the bikes being marketed in Pakistan have this technology. Since Chinese technology is more suitable for roads of Pakistan along with the fact that it’s tougher comparatively.

Moreover, the bike further has approval by Pakistan standard and quality control. Also, been stamped by EDB which is engineering development board. Therefore, one does not need to have second thoughts about bike durability and reliability.

The first look Treet 100cc Bike 2018

Honestly speaking, Treet 100cc Bike 2018 may not hold your attention at first sight. However, once you know it exists. You may start to fantasize it. Treet 100cc Bike 2018 is a simple bike. Since the focus of the company in all its bikes have been on comfort and not on producing something exceptional. Yet on the other, the economical pricing is another factor all the companies are very much focused on.

Giving the engineers very little room to experiment and think out of the box. Therefore, Treet tr 100 is available in basic two colors black and red. Graphics exists almost all over the bike in purple and silver color. Moreover, the bike is given bold front fairing but unfortunately, it does not look durable. Adding, Treet 100cc Bike 2018 fenders are given a new design which adds little life to bike appearance. One thing which may catch attention is the euro ii technology, black color silencer which makes the bike appear sporty.

Furthermore, Treet 100cc Bike 2018 is given telescopic fork travel 9.4mm front suspension. Due to which the appearance of the bike is much neater and the weight is slightly less.  The appearance of motorcycle seat is quite tidy and they certainly are comfortable to cover long distance.  Adding on, Treet tr 100 is given digital speedometer along with neutral position indicator. As well as turning position indicators. Last but not the least Treet 100cc Bike 2018 is given strong and powerful headlights as well. Summing up the looks, the bike appearance wise is an average bike which may earn 3.5/5. It is not bad but it does not have anything extraordinary.

The must know Treet 100cc Bike 2018

Before purchasing any motorcycles, all the bike fans hook up to technical specification. This is the exact area I plan on to discussing in this section. Treet 100cc bike 2018 is given typical 4 strokes, OHV engine which is cooled by air. As the name suggests, the bike displacement is of 100cc with an average weight of 92kgs.  Since it is 100cc bike, it was wise to give it drum brakes since they have better-stopping power.

Therefore, the company just did right by giving both front and back brake systems to be drum brakes. The bore and stroke of bike is 50.0 x 49.5 mm. Not much to my surprise the bike starting type is kick start. Followed by another factor which is Treet tr 100 frame type. The bike has backbone-type frame, convenient to ride on. The front suspension of bike is center axel from 277 tube. On the other hand, the back suspension type is spiral spring. Dimensions of the bike are 1885mm x 815mm x 1190mm (LxWxH). The size of front and rare tires are kept same of 2,50-17.  The petrol capacity of bike is of 10liters. Treet treet 100cc bike 2018 is a smooth bike in terms of technology and specifications with no major issues or flaws.

Little extra Treet 100cc Bike 2018

Treet 100cc bike 2018 is a good bike. Purchasable and will certainly give fine results. The warranty company is providing for its purchase is still unknown.  Since very little information is provided by the company on the website. However, speaking of the reviews the bike is a good buy. Considerable for everyday use. Moreover, the mileage provided by bike is decent as well. Whoever has purchased Treet tr 100 is certainly happy with the decision. Other than scheduled maintenance, there will be no major hitches in the bike. Least for the first few years. Also, the comfortable seats and ground clearance, make this wonder bike your perfect partner for long drives.

Treet 100 bike price in Pakistan 2018 is pkr.54000. The price according to bike is okay. I will not say it’s too cheap or the price is too high. Treet 100cc bike 2018 pricing is done keeping its competitors in mind. As one can easily get 100cc bike at this price range in local brands such as Ghani Motors or Road Prince.  However, obviously, the price is almost half of what big brands would usually ask for 100cc bike. As a result, it is wise to say that Treet 100cc bike 2018 is giving value for money. The pricing for this bike is just right and affordable for youth.

treet 100cc bike
Color Red


Treet 100cc Bike 2018 Specification

EngineAir Cooled, 4 Strock OHVDisplacement100 CC
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches)Compression Ratio
StartingKick StartFrameBone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1885 x 815 x 1190 mmGround Clearance
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front2.50 – 17 4PR
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17 4PRDry Weight92 KG