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Treet tr 70 Self Start

treet tr 70 self start
Treet TR 70 Self Start

Treet Self Start Price Rs: 48,000

Image Credit: Treet Bike

The motorcycle trend in Pakistan is at continuous rise. There is number of reasons for this rising trend. One of the most common reason is empowerment. It gives one independence, a capacity of doing things at their own pace. Motorcycles are usually in preference by young adults. Followed by middle age men going to work or simply when there is need to carry out simplest tasks. Treet motorcycle being the new entrant in the market have been particularly focusing on the 70cc bike.

Since motorcycles with 70cc power are most common among the people of Pakistan. Treet bikes are popular among its customers mainly due to economic reasons. Also, treet is using Chinese technology in its motorcycles. Making treet motorcycle technically sound. In this race of motorcycles, treet have come up with another great innovation. This innovation will certainly allow treet motorcycle to capture a huge market. Treet TR 70 self start is the newest addition to the treet family. The bike design is neat and it has amazing features. Yet the company have been trying its best to be economical. Producing bikes which are affordable with the middle class as well as college going students. Treet TR 70 self start 2018 price in Pakistan is only PKR.48000.

About the Company

The company behind Treet TR 70 self start is none under then Ali Group of companies. The same company which has been manufacturing the popular Treet blades. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the company is quite old. Having its origin since the establishment of Pakistan. The Treet Corporation specifically was made in 1952. Previously the owners were more towards agriculture sector. However, after 1952 they got interested in the industrial sector. It was without any doubt a good decision.

Now let’s talk about the internal culture of the company. In Treet Corporation the decision making power is in the hands of one person. Making the treet corporation top hold very strong. This further means that company strictly follows autonomous leadership style. The company also have another group of companies in association with it such as IGI Insurance. Along with Liaqat national hospital and medical college. As well as Loads and Package Limited. Having so many companies on board, one can blindly trust the reliability and credibility of the company. The company has also been manufacturing other vehicles such as three wheelers along with motorcycles.

Treet Corporation is also new in the sector of manufacturing motorcycles. Irrespective of the fact that they are doing different businesses for some time now. However, the company has an amazing motive of giving an experience to consumers through simplicity. Yet, not compromising on the comfort level of motorcycles.

Treet TR 70 Self Start 2018

Treet TR 70 self-start is a motorcycle which is not only fulfilling the need for transportation. Furthermore, it is a bike which is doing its task in an economical and responsible manner. Treet TR 70 self start not only initial cost is reasonable but the bike is giving great mileage for fuel. Having fuel tank capacity of treet self-start is anticipate to be 9 liters. Moreover, the mileage this bike is providing is one of the amazing factors.

Treet TR 70 Self-Start also provides 70km/l which is a lot if one intends to cover long distances. Furthermore, Treet Tr 70 self  start is made socially responsible. This is one of the reasons that Treet TR 70 self start is given Euro 11 technology in order to contribute a little to the environment. Since euro 11 technology specifically focuses on emitting less smoke. The price of treet tr 70 self-start is another good thing about the bike. No doubt the motorcycle is extremely reasonable in the matter of price. Having great value for money. the treet tr 70 self-start is available in basic two colors just like most of the bikes. The color range is limited to red and black. Along with graphics like most of the bikes.

Treet TR 70 Self Star Specifications and Features

Treet Tr 70 Self Start is the new addition to bike range of Treet Corporation. TR 70 Self Start is available to both self-start and kick start option. Also, Treet TR 70 Self Start is given engine of 4 Stroke OHV engine which is air cooled. This sort of engine also helps to survive extreme conditions and works best in term of a long drive. Making it suitable for those people who have to cover long distance every other day. Bore and stroke of the bike are 50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches). Just like Treet Don, this bike is also given drum brakes.

Moreover having the simple frame of backbone type which is another similarity to average bikes. This frame is extremely simple in usage, helps to avoid complexity and the price is low too. Helping to make Treet self-start an economical bike. Treet corporation has also given almost all its bikes strong suspensions.

Following the tradition, Treet self-start is given a suspension of Center Axel From 277 Tube. The back suspension is spiral spring. Dimensions of the bike are 1885mm x 815mm x 1190mm (lxwxh). Both front and rare tires are 2.50-17. The dry weight of the bike is 82kgs. The weight is less in comparison to other 70 cc bikes. However, it does provide stability. One thing which is surprising that there is hardly any difference between Treet self-start and Treet don big 70. The only difference spotted so far is that Treet self-start starting is different. Whereas Treet don big 70 need to be the kickstart. Even price differs from only PKR.6000.


Treet TR 70 self-start is a bike with good mileage and have immense value for money. According to price as well its asking little less. In comparison to its local competitors. Also, the spare parts of the bike are easily approachable. Another factor is that Treet self-start is smooth running. According to people, there is no maintenance or issues faced for the first year at least. However, the company may need to add little more specification and features over the website. In order add convenience to its purchase. Overall, I do not see any major issues with the bike. Making it a good fit for everyday use.


treet tr 70 self start
Color Red

Treet tr 70 Self Start 2018 Specification

EngineAir Cooled, 4 Strock OHVDisplacement70 CC
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches)Compression Ratio
StartingSelfStart/Kick StartFrameBone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1885 x 815 x 1190 mmGround Clearance
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front2.50 – 17 4PR
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17 4PRDry Weight82 KG