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Union Star Launched Automatic 70cc Motorbike in Pakistan

The growing demand of motorcycles in Pakistan is mainly increasing due to urbanization and more people accepting the easy and affordable mode of transportation i.e. Union Star Motorcycle. Pakistan’s fiscal year 2015-16 saw a production of motorcycles raised to a new level of over 2 million units. Pakistan’s expanding middle class chooses the idea of cost efficient, simple and effective mode of transportation. Although there is an increase in car sales too, motorbikes are the more realistic option for the middle class of Pakistan.

The target of motorbikes manufacturers is providing ease and effectiveness to its customers. For this purpose, the manufacturers are working to achieve the expertise in semi-automatic or completely automatic gearboxes/auto gear motorcycle, which is very hard to find in Pakistan.

Super Power Motorcycles were the first one to come up with the initiative of clutch-less/automatic scooters in Pakistan. They even started the First Women Motorbike Training Academy which was a four-week training program for women.

Union Star Motorcycle – Automatic Bike

Union Star Motorcycle Company somehow is doing the same. They are also introducing the same technology in the trademark and vintage looks of CD 70 in Pakistan. This will help older people and women riders to ride with ease. It has a direct-drive technology used for its operation with no gearbox, kick and clutch, unlike other motorbikes.

The reason for rejoicing here is that women can regain mobility by learning to ride a bike. As they can reclaim the public spaces; can even travel on a bike to their workplaces! The social stigma attached to women on riding in public spaces by the male dominant society is now tending to open its views. Thanks to Union Star Motorcycle Company for introducing such automatic bikes, which will help women realize their power.

union star motorcycle
Union Star Motorcycle

Advantages & Disadvantages of Automatic Union Star Motorcycle

The good and the bad side of Automatic Union Star Motorcycle

The pros of the automatic bikes like Union Star Motorcycle are very straightforward; of course being automatic it is easily operational and less effort to start up. The other advantage is it will run as you will provide it a throttle because there is no feedback required for its clutch, thus making this bike easier for the new beginners who are learning to ride a motorbike.

However, masses will not prefer this bike. Why? The reason is very simple; people still prefer rugged bikes like Honda CG125 because they are accustomed to manual operation. Also, mechanics of a manual bike more easily handle the problems of manual bikes as compared to automatic bikes. It will take a lot of time to change the mindsets of local people.

There are other numerous cons of the automatic bikes. Automatic bikes require mechanics, who can easily handle the mechanical problems. Furthermore, the breakdowns, the replacement cost will be much higher. For instance, if the bikes battery runs out, the ignition switch will fail to operate as the whole bike electrically operates. As there is no kick start mechanism.

This automatic Union Star Motorcycle 2017 introduced by Union Star Motorcycle Company is new in the market and perhaps people will tend to buy it because of its ease-to-start but it will have selective customers, as more people still prefers manually operated bikes.