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Unique UD 100 Bike 2018 Price in Pakistan

Unique UD 100 is practically one of the highest selling motorcycles in the market as of now. The Unique UD 100 is a product of DS Motors Pvt. Ltd. A unique motorcycle has launched its newest strong and stylish motorcycle called Unique 100cc. Even so being robust and of the best quality, the new model 2018 has the best colors and shape. Moreover, the Unique 100cc is the best selling bike in the market. Similarly, the engine capacity of the Unique UD 100 is 100cc.

Company Behind the Unique UD 100

The Unique UD 100 is a masterpiece of DS Motors group of companies. DS Motors is a famous and renowned firm having a great will since its start. The unique bike 100cc entered the market back in 2007. In addition, DS motors give a nice and fine range of reliable, safe and durable bikes having the best quality.

They even offer the most affordable price in the market. DS Motors sells passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, and generators. Additionally, they have a superb and dynamic series of unique motorbike too. DS motors want to be the leader in the market. In fact, over the years the Unique 100cc has gained faith and has respect for every rider in Pakistan.

The Unique UD 100 – Specs and Features

The Unique UD 100 has a 4 stroke engine and air cold single cylinder. Moreover, its bore and stroke are 51.0 x 55.2 mm. The displacement of the Unique 100cc similarly, is 100 cc. Likewise; it has a 4-speed transmission. In addition, it also has a wet type plate multi-system. The Unique 100cc has an electric start and kick start both.

Moreover, the frame type of the unique 100cc is a backbone. Meanwhile, its ground clearance is 140 mm. The Unique UD 100’s measurement is 1900. Moreover, the petrol tank in this unique bike 10cc is 10 liters.

Final Result

Unique UD 100 is a step ahead of its competitors for many reasons. The Unique 100cc comes with Chinese tech and a modern shape. It has a decent exhaust sound, good mileage, and a stylish body. The Unique motorcycle 100cc price in Pakistan is Rs. 85,500 only. For a new 100cc bike, this price is very good. Similarly, the design which Unique 100cc offers is modern and everyone will definitely buy it.