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United 80cc Scooty


United 80cc Scooty Price Rs:

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We are living in an underdeveloped country called Pakistan. At this point, motorcycles are on the rise. With every passing day, we see more and more motorbikes on the road. Similarly, the women are also focusing on their careers. Therefore, the need to make them learn motorcycles is on the rise too. Now, it is vital for women to know how to ride motorbikes.

It has become a need to make them learn how to ride bikes. United Auto Industries have introduced a new entrant in the arena of motorcycles – an 80CC Scooty specially designed for women and boys. With comfortable features, this United 80 cc Scooty is meant for the people who want to ‘Ride with Style’. United Scooty comes with a 4-stroke engine and a push button start system so it could be handled with ease.United 80 cc Scooty is designed in an aerodynamic shape to minimize air resistance and ensure a smooth ride. It weighs only 83 KG which makes it light weighted and easy to ride.

It’s available in Pink and Green colors.

United motorcycle has launched new model 2018 united 80cc scooty. The united 80cc scooty is a new era of motorbikes. These 80cc scooty is made especially for women and boys. The united 80cc scooty has amazing features. Moreover, the united scooty is very different from the united bike. Its shape, design, and features are very different. The united 80cc scooty truly fulfills on its tag line, ‘ride with style’. The united 80cc scooty even has a push to start button. Hence, it is really easy to handle.

The Company behind the United 80CC Scooty

The company behind the amazing united scooty is United Auto Industries. The CEO of United Motorcycle is Mr. Sana Ullah Chaudhary. Under his work, united bike has made a name in this market. They make utility vehicles, motor cycles & intra city vehicles. Furthermore, now they are making the united 80cc scooty.

United Motors aim to build a strong product range in different categories. Moreover, they want to explore growth chances globally. Furthermore, they want to even so improve its operations and efficiency. As a result, they want to expand its reach to customers. At the same time, they will keep investing in brand building activity. Hence, they will make the customers happy.

United started its work in 1999. Since then, it has given the market economical 4 stroke motorcycles and Rick shaws. Their plant is at 1 km off Kot Radha Kishan Road. Presently, their capacity to make bikes is 450000 pieces a year in 8 hours shift. United bikes got a very good response in the market. Their bike factory measures 720,000 Square feet. Moreover, their car factory measures 200,000 Square feet.

United is the 2nd largest selling brand here. Moreover, it is famous for its durability and quality along with giving the best price. Furthermore, all UNITED products are very popular in both rural and urban areas. Even so, all products of United are made with international standards. UNITED motor even has contracts with government organizations. Moreover, it even has good position in private sector.

United 80cc Scooty Features:

The United 80cc scooty has a 4 stroke engine which is very strong. Moreover, its engine capacity is 80cc. It has a great sleep shape which makes it attractive. Every different person has different choices. When you talk about the color option of someone, it will at all times differ from others. That is the reason why bike companies are making different colors for a single product. Moreover, the United scooty is available in different colors as well. The colors one can get are baby pink and parrot green colors. In the 100cc scooty, you even get a maroon color.

Furthermore, the United scooty has great graphics on its fuel tank. The front head lights are really sporty. The united 80cc has an aerodynamic front visor. Another great thing is the new design of the front and rear fenders. The 80cc scooty also has a new design in rear seat and cowling at the back.  Similarly, a great thing about the united scooty is that it comes with a 6-month warranty.

The design of the United scooty is as such that it is perfect for women and kids. Similarly, the color choices are also perfect for the girls and kids. Moreover, no one would mind the shape of the United 80cc scooty since it is sporty. Above all, the united 80cc is very fast and strong on the road.


United 80cc Scooty Specs:

Talking about the specs of the united 80cc scooty, they are simply great. The engine of the United 80cc scooty is 4 stroke. It even has an OHC system which makes it great on the road. Furthermore, the bore and stroke of the united 80cc scooty is 98.1cm3. Moreover, the rated compression ratio of united 80cc scooty is: 9.8:1. Furthermore, the rated power of the United 80cc scooty is 7.2 Hp (8000 rpm). Similarly, the maximum torque of united 80cc scooty is 7.5 (6000 rpm). In addition, the 4 speed gear equip in the united 80cc scooty along with a wet multi-type clutch. The size of the united 80cc scooty is 230 mm whereas its ground clearance is also 230 mm.

Furthermore, the fuel tank of the United 80cc scooty is big. It can hold up to 10 liters of petrol. For a scooty, that is way too much. One can relax about the long distance drives. Moreover, the front tire of the united 80cc scooty is 2.50 – 18,4 ply. Similarly, the rear tire is 2.50 – 18,4 ply. A really good spec of the 80cc scooty is that its dry weight is only 90kgs. That makes the United 80cc scooty great in terms of balance and speed on the road.

United 80cc Sscooty Price in Pakistan

The United 80cc scooty has a price of Rs. 90,000 in Pakistan. For an advanced high tech stylish scooty, this price is very affordable.

Final Verdict

The United 80cc scooty is truly a couple of steps ahead of its competitors for many reasons. The United scooty is not only sporty but has great Chinese tech. Moreover, it even has a modern shape ideal for girls and kids. It has a good overall speed and decent quality materials. Hence, it is a very good buy. Furthermore, it has a decent exhaust sound, great fuel mileage, and a nice body.



United 80cc Scooty 2018 Model Specification

EngineDisplacement80 CC
BrakeDiskCompression Ratio
ClutchTransmission4 Stroke
StartingPush Button /Self StartFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)Ground Clearance
Petrol CapacityTyre at FrontTubeless
Tyre at BackTybelessDry Weight91 KG