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United Jazba us 100 cc

united 100cc jazba
United 100cc Jazba

United 100cc Jazba Price Rs: 55,000
Image Credit: United Motorcycle

After launching number of amazing bikes. United motorcycles still didn’t fail to amaze its customers. Coming up with another magnificent motorcycle by the of United 100cc jazba. Appearance wise the bike is quite attractive. It looks powerful and durable. On the contrary, stylish and neat. Something  I would personally prefer to buy. Moreover, United 100 mudguards both front and back are given a new design. Further contributing to united 100 appearances. Adding on, United 100 has the new design for seat cowling as well with the aerodynamic front cowling. Although, United 100 is available in two regular colors of black and red.

However, the graphics on United 100cc Jazba bike are attractive. Both red and black bikes are given blue and silver identical graphics.  Moreover, the shape of the silencer is quite sleek. Appearance wise it does not look like that United 100 can be quite cheap. United 100 jazba 2018 price in Pakistan is another wow factor about the bike. Since the pricing of the bike is done in such manner that every other person can buy it without difficulty. United 100 jazba 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR.55,500 only. A 100cc motorcycle with a handful of innovations at this price is without a doubt quite reasonable.

United 100cc Jazba Manufacturers  –

United 100cc Jazba is being manufactured by United Auto Industries. The company established its business over a decade ago. Manufacturing rickshaws as well as motorcycles since 1999. Chief Executive Officer of United Motorcycle is Mr. Sana Ullah Chaudhary. The fruitful results are due to his continuous effort.  Today, United Auto Industry has one of the finest plants near Kot Radha Kishan Road. The plant is huge enough to make almost 45000 motorcycles a year. The non- stop innovation in products and by delivering quality at economical rates. United motorcycles have gained immense popularity among consumer. Indeed, the brand gained consumer preference in no time.

United Auto Industry is not only working in motorcycle sector but also, have been investing in cars. The company also have car factory. Although the car factory is smaller than motorcycle factory, it indicates a high level of reliability of the company. Therefore, one can trust on United Motorcycles without a doubt. Since there will be no uncertainty regarding company disappearing overnight. Also, the company investments show that they plan on doing business on the long-term basis. As a result, they will never risk their reputation by selling low-quality products.

On the contrary, the company has an impressive of building product range which strong. In a sense that it does attract all age groups. Also, there is continuous improvement in technology. The company further aims to expand its operations globally. Furthermore, United motorcycles want to improve company efficiency as well. As a result, it will hell help them to meet the demand more easily. Ensuring that they reach customers in a far better manner. Moreover, the company is further focusing on delivery recognizable after sales service. So that customers are happy and satisfaction is guaranteed. Therefore, the consumers keep coming back to United Motorcycle. Adding on, who knows that their existing consumers may recommend their brand to their friends and family as well.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning some of the facts which may help people make better choices. United motorcycle is one of the brands which made it top in less time. It is among the top three largest selling brand in Pakistan. The company is most popular for selling motorcycles which are best in quality and are durable as well. Moreover, the motorcycle prices are not out of range either. The company has clever pricing for their motorcycles. United motorcycles are sleek yet affordable. They are available at the very economical price range.

United 100cc jazba
Color Red

United 100CC Jazba – Technical Specs

A bike is not attractive enough if it fails to amaze you with its technical specification. However, that is not the case with United 100. It looks like that the company has left no flaw and no detail unnoticed while manufacturing this bike. United 100 is a smooth bike which ensures that your time on the road is comfortable. The United 100CC Jazba bike is given 4 strokes, air cooled OHC engine. 98 cc displacement gives rider invisible wings to be the fly on the road. The drum brakes on both rear and front allow one to stop quickly in case of an emergency.

Since we all know drum brakes work better than disc brakes having better stopping power. Fuel tank capacity is of 12liters, which is fairly well capacity. The size of front tire is 2.25 – 18 and the size of back tire is 2.50 – 18. Transmission of United 100cc Jazba is 4 speed. However, one of the disappointment with this bike is that it is Kickstart. The company has set high expectations and with United 100 most of the things are smooth and newly designed. The expectations were also raised to push the start button and at this price, I assume it was pretty much possible. Since the frame of the bike is backbone type.

Final Verdict

In the end, it will be right to say that United motorcycles are a brand which is selling amazing bikes. As far as there is a concern for United jazba quality it is stress-free. Since I do understand that the company been around for not so long and there can be trust issues. however, United motorcycles are doing a pretty decent job in terms of quality and reliability of the product. Also, United 100 is one of those motorcycles which got extra attention from its makers in terms of the exterior. So

United 100cc Jazba is highly recommended to purchase. It’s attractive, it sleek and smooth. Along with great 6months warranty or on the first 6000km. Just in case you wondering where to buy this magnificent United 100. united 100cc jazba 2018 model in Pakistan is easily available almost everywhere. Moreover, the registered dealers can be found on the company website. Also, if you want to test drive United 100. One can easily reserve a slot from the company website. Final verdict for United 100, the purchase of United 100cc Jazba is worth it.

United 100cc Jazba 2018 Model Specification

Engine4 Stroke Air CooledDisplacementSingle Cylinder, OHC
Bore & Stroke98.1 cm3Compression Ratio9.8:1
ClutchTransmission4 Speed
StartingKick StartFrameBackBone System
Dimension (Lxwxh)Ground Clearance230 mm
Petrol Capacity10 LtrTyre at Front2.50 – 18,4 ply
Tyre at Back2.50 – 18,4 plyDry Weight90 KG