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United Motorcycles Launched US 150 2018 Model

United US 150 Euro II has been all launched out and all the people are super excited about it! United-us 150 has been coming out to be favorite in the bike lovers who are always demanding for the big fuel efficient bikes. United us 150 has been all the more launched as in favor of the customers who are targeting ahead their main requirements into the fuel-efficient conveyance. United US 125 has rather put together with the involvement of the patent Euro II technology exclusively. This would be stepping into the front streamline as in fulfilling the requirements of the mileage coverage access timeline.

United us 150 has been all the more put into the access of the reasonable rates so it would be a good opportunity for the middle-class people too.  You can freely consider getting the hold on with this bike.  It is simply coming across to be the extraordinary blend of the engineered fuel-efficient technology all along with the powerful settlement of the 125cc engine.

Features of United US 150 Euro II:

United us 150 has been all settled out with the involvement of the best features of the 150cc engine. It is also adding on to the 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder motor. It is making up with almost 12 bhp just as according to the company. The United US 150 is also putting up with the amazing feature of the 5-speed linear shift transmission.  You can get the United us 150 in both the kick as well as electric self-start too. United us 150 is about 2060mm long, 760mm wide and 1080mm tall.

As we do mention about the fuel tank, it is accessible into the coverage of the 13 liters of fuel. Apart from it, you will be able to get it in the excellent access of the alloy wheels, as well as the 2.75-18 tire in the front. You will even be finding it getting into the involvement of the 3.00-18 tire in the back plus the disk and drum brakes in the front. It has the ground clearance that is about 168mm.  It does have the wheelbase of 1320mm.

The dry weight of the United us 150 is about 132 kilograms. United US 150 is put into the best shades of the red and black colors for the customers. The 150cc engine is also part of this bike. As United us 150 is the Chinese manufacturing company, therefore, it has been added with the sort of nonspecific engine. The 150cc engine in Untied US 150 has been set best with the bore and stroke of 57.3 x 57.8 mm.

Some Additional Specifications of United US 150 Euro II:

  • United us 150 has been put together with the feature of the 150cc 4 strokes vertical single cylinder engine. US 150 has been rather put into the accompanying taste of the air-cooled motor. The bike is also able to bring into the generation of the 12 brake horsepower (bhp) from the motor.
  • United US 150 does have the starter options. It is coming into the involvement of the self-start button all along with the kick-start option.
  • Its best to work with the 5-speed hand-clutched transmission that is best to drive on the rough roads.
  • It does have the fuel tank capacity of 13.0 liters.
  • The tires of the bike have been put into the coverage of the alloy build with a wheelbase of 1320mm.
  • In favor of the security over the roads, the front tires are added with the single disk brake and also the rear one. It is all coming ahead with the drum brake.
  • United us 150 is bringing into the generation of the maximum power of 9.0 KW at the rate of 8000 rpm.
  • It also has the maximum torque of 11.8 N.M at 6000 rpm.