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United Motors Launching Two New Cars In Pakistan

United Motors is a very old and great name in the market. United bikes is a branch of united motors. However, this company is going out of the way and doing something new. United Motors is all set and prepared to launch new cars in their portfolio. They will launch a brand new 800cc car. Similarly, they will also launch an all-new 1000 cc pickup vehicle in Pakistan.

United Motors Motorcycles is the second biggest largest bike selling brand in the country. With this experience and long journey, they will now join the car making industry. As a result, this bold move will surely diversify the local automobile industry. In addition to this, there have been rumors about the launch date. In the rumors, United Motors Pakistan will launch the first variant of the new car (H1) in 2018.

Moreover, sources say that United Motors is doing this in teaming with a Chinese automaker. Together they will make these two new vehicles for the Pakistani users. These two giant companies are making its own plant in Lahore. This plant is very close to being complete. Similarly, this plant will make and repair their cars and pick up trucks. This is a huge step for the automobile market in Pakistan. Moreover, these cars will be marketed under the local brand name “UNITED”.

United Motor has a simple aim with this new launch. It is simply to attract the users of our market who buy 660 – 800cc cars. So United Motors will be giving a competition to such cars. Furthermore, cars like Suzuki Mehran, Mira, and Japanese makes will be in danger. On the other hand, the United motors pickup truck will be giving a competition to under1000cc pickups. Similarly, United Motors is in search for interested 3S dealership people and companies for their new vehicles.

It is not so difficult to see what will happen after the launch of these vehicles. United Motors will naturally bring a very big change in the local car market. It will give us more options to choose from. The only thing which will play a role in the smooth flow is the quality of these vehicles. No doubt this company does great in bike making and sales.

As a result, we can expect for this company to do the same with these cars. We hope that they do well in the car and pick up segment too. There will be a lot of factors in the success of this car. Similarly, the shape, engine and tech used will be a first. Its design and fuel economy will be a second. Moreover, its body quality and price will also play a major role. So lets wait 6 months and see. Hopefully Untied Motors gives up good news. If they do, users will be running to get their hands on these vehicles.