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Sky is not the Limit | Women Motorbike Breaking Stereotypes!

In a patriarchal society like Pakistan, where women are killed in the name of honor. A society where women are forced into a marriage against her will. How can she defy the traditions and cultural taboos of a conservative society one like ours?

Women engagement in public spaces is a rare sight in Pakistan; however, the country is on the road to progression. Women empowerment has become the most popular subject of the hour. As of today we can see this myopic idea of ‘women restriction in homes’ is being tackled fearlessly.

One such example of breaking stereotypes in Pakistan is of Mehwish Ekhlaque; the girl on wheels! She rides a motorbike of her own into the male dominant streets of Karachi and encourages other women to join her dream of commuting on a bike. Another woman who defies the social taboo of women riding bikes; Zenith Irfan who undertook the journey of driving solo to the northern areas on her motorbike. So it is her dream to travel the world on her motorbike. She is an inspiration to the women and a symbol of empowerment. She travels all across Pakistan on various motorcycles including Honda 125, Honda CD -70 and Suzuki GS-150.

Pakistani Women Motorbike

It is not about girls being rebellious by riding women motorbike to gain liberation; it is also about equality and freedom. Moreover, the stigma is attached attach to women should change. Women motorbike riders are something very new in a conservative society like ours where the majority of the population is male dominant. In the busy streets of Pakistan,  only a few females are riding on women motorbike. As this idea is limited to men only, it is a very challenging initiative which will progress with time.

With the increase in women participation in pursuing their professional careers, there is also a need to provide them with affordable and easy mobility. Not everyone in our society can afford a private car or a rickshaw ride to reach their workplace. Women should also give the choice to ride a women motorbike as a means of transport. Women motorbike is a taboo in the eyes of many, but no doubt it is the need of the hour.

Many of us must have heard about the female police wardens patrolling on 250-CC heavy bikes on the roads of Lahore; the job that is mainly associate with men. That clearly shutouts all the stereotypes regarding women motorbike.

Pakistani women are the beacons of hope and stand head to head with men.  Despite all the hindrances in their paths, they have proved to come out triumphant and outdo all the odds. As this tends to be a hurdle in their road to success.