Yamaha Dhoom Bike 70 Specification 2018

Yamaha Dhoom Bike 70 Specification 2018

In our country where not everyone is able to buy cars, the method of motor cycles is on the rise. Buying a motor cycle is not so price hefty on a common base. Moreover, taking care of the very motor bike is similarly easy on the people too. This is not the same with motor cars however. For this reason, motor cycles have gained the repo as the true heart of Pakistan.

Motor bikes not only suits the ordinary mans’ need, in addition, it also aids in saving time. Motor bikes are really the finest thing to ride in traffic areas. Anyone can every easily rider through a traffic area and escape out of any rush. Since motor bikes are solving this big problem of traffic, more and more people are buying it. As a result, for people not so rich living among us, motor cycles are a truly a must. One of the cheaper modes of driving in the city limit, is a motor cycle is actually a person’s best buddy. The great growth which the motor cycle market has seen will surely aid in giving a boost to the economy.

A famous firm in the motor cycle industry here is Yamaha Pakistan or Yamaha Motorcycle. Yamaha is the great makers and seller of top quality Yamaha dhoom and dhoom motorcycle. It started with its first roots in March, 2013. Moreover, they are also making and taking care of the supply of motor cycles. Their bikes are always filled with best features, top quality, and great design. Furthermore, they use new and improved tech in their motor bikes. As a result, their bikes satisfy the needs and wants of the common people. Adding further excellence to riding a motor cycle, on their best bike is Yahama Dhoom Bike.

Yamaha Dhoom Bike

Yamaha has launched its most recent bike, the Dhoom bike, also called Yamaha Dhoom 70 or Yamaha Dhoom 70cc. The dhoom bike is a famous 70 cc motorbike. Moreover, the dhoom bike is focusing the main masses of our village and rural segments. However, the dhoom bike is equally famous in the cities too. The dhoom bike has a design and appeal which will raise the demand in both rural and urban areas. Previous series of the dhoom bike, like YBR 125 and YBR 125G are also famous. This light weight consumer dhoom bike however, is surely competing both rural and city markets.

The dhoom bike will be sure to fulfill the needs, demands, and wants of our local market. It is really great motorcycle in the range of 70 cc motorcycles. Moreover, the GM of Yamaha, Jawaid Yakoob is very sure about Yamaha. According to him, the firm has put in $135 Million in the market. Furthermore, he expects the firm to be making around 105,000 units each and every year. As a result, the firm will work to satisfy the rising need of motorbikes in market. They ultimately want to re define and re create history.

The all new dhoom bike is a great and strong motorbike. Moreover, the dhoom bike has a very good price in relation to other motor bikes in the market. The fresh tech used in the dhoom bike makes it better and very unique. This tech gives the dhoom bike great results in performance and speed. As a result, the riders and drivers get attract to this master piece. Let us take a look at the core specs and features great dhoom bike.

Dhoom Bike & its Energetic 4-Stroke Machine:

The era of owning a 2 stroke motor bike is long gone. No one will ever go for a motor bike anything less than 70 cc. The perfect motor bike is one which has a 4 solid 4 stroke engine. Meanwhile, the dhoom bike will give one a lot more than normal motor bikes. This machine is an ordinary one. The dhoom bike comes with great improved features which will make this bike a life time bike. The 4 stroke engine of the dhoom bike is a bench mark for power, speed, energy and reliability. Having the advance tech in fuel efficiency, one will get great mileage. The strong body, power, speed and durability make it perfect both city and country drives.

Yamaha Dhoom Bike Features & Specs

The dhoom bike is full in terms of its overall appeal and beauty. Moreover, the dhoom bike has wet plate multi clutch system a 4 speed gear shift. Moreover, the bore and stroke of the dhoom bike is 47.0 x 41.4 mm. The start system of the dhoom bike is kick start. Consequently, everyone has diff color choices; the dhoom bike has 2 amazing colors. The colors of the dhoom bike are read and shiny black.

To provide the rider with the best driving experience, the dhoom bike has a compression ratio of 9.1:1. Furthermore, it has great shocks. As a result, the dhoom bike feels fewer vibrations in the handles and seat.

The dimension of the dhoom bike is 1915, whereas its frame is back bone type. This makes it a great choice. Moreover, the rider has a very relaxed and soothing ride through out. Furthermore, the dhoom bike comes with a design which is stylish and sexy. Moreover, the dhoom bike has a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters. As a result, the driver gets great mileage and is worry free.

Yamaha YBR 125 & Conclusion

If I myself had to buy a motor bike in this range, it would be the dhoom bike. Not only is the style very great but has great performance as well. The dhoom bike is a complete ten in Comfort, Style and price. The dhoom bike is truly a lord of 70 cc bikes. The price of this amazing dhoom bike is just Rs 51,000. This price makes this package sounds unreal. The dhoom bike gives me an average mileage of 60 to 65 km per liters.