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Yamaha Introduces YBR 125G Model 2018

Recently since few months, the price of motorcycles in the region is increasing quite rapidly. Yamaha is one of the oldest motorcycle players in the market. The company has launched a new motorcycle under the name of Yamaha YBR 125G, 2018. Exactly you guessed it right, it’s just another model in their 125G series. Yamaha YBR 125G does not only look good than before but it has also been modified with technical changes. It is rumored that the hardware has been updated as well exclusively to meet the harsh weather conditions of the region.

Appearance wise the previous model was kept quiet sleek and simple. However, the new model appears to be quite funky with flashy graphics. Also, the bike YBR 125G is available in much more attractive and chic features.  On an electric blue bike, the name of the model is written in bright yellow 125G. Hence the bike is recognizable even from even quite a distance. The furiously humped fuel tank and sleek seating space make the bike stand out. Moreover, the bike is available in its traditional red and black colors along with adding a new color to the range electric blue. I must say that the bike looks quite a beauty in its new given color, blue.

Considering the mechanical and technical changes of Yamaha YBR 125G, they have been modified in accordance with the country the bike is expected to function in. It is given an exhaust which is free-flowing. Similar to the one which is fitted in Yamaha YBZ. However, in comparison to YBG and YBR, the exhaust is much louder in comparison to the generations before. It is expected that the bike may perform better due to this new technical change. Yet don’t get your hopes too high. The performance is not expected to be exceptional due to this addition but simply slight betterment.

Another major change in this new Yamaha YBR 125G model is its brand new carburetor jet. The better carburetor and modified exhaust will certainly be more powerful for the running of the bike. On the other hand, it is expected that this modification is going to increase the fuel consumption of the bike. It is going to affect the economic advantage of the bike to some extent.

Moreover, it is also been highlighted that Yamaha has started manufacturing some of the parts locally in the region. The intentions behind this major are not only to promote the production locally but also to keep the price in check. Lastly, the price of Yamaha YBR 125G is locked at PKR.137,500. The price of the bike may appear to be high due to the fact that some of the parts are locally manufactured. However, one should not forget the displacement of the bike is 125cc and in that price, I assume it’s just ok.

Let us know you think about this new model of Yamaha YBR 125G.