Yamaha Pakistan expected to increase Bike Prices August 2018 | ebike.pk

Yamaha expected to increase prices from 15th August

After the increase in bike prices by the renowned auto manufacturers Suzuki and Atlas Honda, Yamaha Pakistan has also decided to step in line with these companies and elevate its motorbike prices as well. From 15th of August of the current year, 2018, the bike prices of the company will rise up to PKR 2000.

The new bike prices of Yamaha Pakistan are as follows:

The bike YB125Z’s new price is expected to be 119,000 PKR which is Rs.2,000 more than its previous price which amounts up to 117,900 PKR. Similarly, the price of YBR125G is expected to be 139,900 and it was previously sold for 137,900 PKR. However, there has been only an increase of Rs.1,000 in the price of YBR125 and its new price is now expected to be 134,900 PKR.

In the month of May, the company sold 2435 units of bikes and 1978 bikes were shipped in the month of June.  Even though there are a constant increase and hike of prices throughout the industry, the local and domestic market for motorbikes seems to be on a path of growth and the business continues to surge. The overall number of bikes that have been sold has increased by 26%.

Last year, manufacturers sold about 102,207 units of bikes in June whereas, in the June of 2018, 128,976 bikes were shipped.

However, Yamaha Pakistan has the lowest price elevation compared to those of Atlas Honda and Pak Suzuki Motors is up to 5,000 to 6,500 PKR increase in their bike prices.