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Yamaha Yb125z in Pakistan

In a developing country like Pakistan, where everyone cannot afford cars, one can certainly manage the money for a motorcycle. Incredibly inexpensive in fuel consumption and agile too, the motorcycles are the heart of Pakistan! Therefore, they satisfy the needs of a common man on a daily basis by weaving in the traffic, smoothing the way for you and take you to your desired destination. The traffic-ridden cities of Pakistan are clustered with motorcycles and it has become a necessity for everyone, who commutes through the bumpy roads and small streets.Yamaha yb125z.

Keeping this in mind, many local manufacturers are now introducing new models of motorcycles to cater the needs in Pakistan. One of the cheapest forms of plying in the city, a motorcycle is the best friends of a man.

The rising sales of motorcycles in Pakistan cannot be neglected. During the fiscal year 2015-2016, the production of motorcycles soars to a new level of over 2 million units according to the data collected by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).The rising motorbike industry in Pakistan is also helping in boosting the economy.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan, the manufacturer and distributor of Yamaha Brand Motorcycles in Pakistan started their production again in March 2013. Since then they are manufacturing and supplying motorbikes of excellent quality, design and advanced technology to fulfill customer’s satisfaction and needs.

Yamaha YB125z 2018

Recently Yamaha Pakistan launched 125 cc Motorcycle i.e Yamaha YB125Z, especially targeting the population of rural areas. As YB125Z is made to benefit the increasing motorcycle market of the rural areas. Previously, Yamaha YBR125 and YBR 125G were not able to meet the expectations and remained confined to the masses of urban areas only. The company is looking forward to competing in both markets, urban as well as rural since it caters them equally.

The company has hoped to make this bike competitive and acceptable among the other manufacturers of the 125cc category. The production capacity of Yamaha is already increasing day by day. In 2016, Yamaha has sold around 30,000 units. According to Jawaid Yakoob, G.M Yamaha Motors, the company has reinvested $150 Million in the Pakistani market and currently, it can produce up to 100,000 units annually to fulfill the rising demand for motorcycles in the market.

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Yamaha YB125Z price in Pakistan 2017 is Rs: 115, 900 in Pakistan so it makes competitive with the other brands as well as to cater the common man who uses a motorcycle.
The advanced technology of YB 125Z is a very important feature of this bike as it gives an unruffled performance to the ones who uses it. Some of the key features and Specification of this amazing Yamaha YB125Z are:

 Yamaha YB125z  Specification & Features

YB 125Z has awsome features and specification. It has robust SOHC single-cylinder 124cc engine, which also provides efficiency, combustion efficiency and reduction of horsepower loss. YB 125Z also has an aluminum cylinder which makes it easier for the excess heat to travel out of the vehicle.Yamaha YB 125 Z is equipped with a CV Carburetor of 28mm diameter, therefore it provides smooth throttle response along with providing excellent mileage and fuel consumption.The transmission of Yamaha YB 125Z is 5-speed return type. Yamaha Yb 125Z shift sequence is 1st, Neutral, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. The gear shift indication on your instrument panel is for riders safety.

Yamaha YB 125Z has a multi-reflector halogen headlight, which is excellent in quality due to its perfect illumination. It emits a jewel-like emission of light when turned on.

Yamaha YB125Z  Sound

Yamaha YB 125Z optimizing the position and size of the partitions in the expansion chambers of the muffler. Adjusting the damping rate of the sound pressure has given the exhaust note a crisp and clearly defined YB125Z sound.

Yamaha YB125Z Features

Yamaha YB125Z has also a stylish and compact design to led the rider ride through narrow streets and bumpy streets. Its shape is slim and also sleek which allows the rider to ply through traffic-ridden places. Yamaha YB125Z fuel tank capacity is 13 Ltrs with excellent mileage

To provide the rider with smooth riding experience Yamaha YB 125Z  has also single-axis balancer. So it helps to reduce vibrations in the handlebars, seats and foot pegs. Hence, the rider feels fewer vibrations in Yamaha YB125Z.

Yamaha YB 125Z  robust front fork specially design for riding in multiple situations like stormy weather, or rain. Furthermore, the front fork protects the fork oil seals against rocks in the way. YB125 Z has a dry paper air filter used for resisting clogging and it ensures smooth performance for the rider. YB125Z has large-capacity 6 Amp battery provides a power source to drive the starter motor. It helps to start the Yamaha YB125Z engine without any effort.Yamaha equipped with four-section plastic resin full chain cover.

Yamaha YB125Z Suspension

The front and rear suspensions of the YB125Z ensure good resistance to bottoming. In addition to this, the dual-rate springs have different pitches in order to handle both small and large shocks.

Yamaha YB125Z Seat & Wheels

Yamaha YB125 Z has a flat seat due to deluxe urethane foam. It also helps in balancing the seat’s height from the ground, resulting in a more relaxed and stable riding position.The seat is 645mm long flat which offers more space and comfort to the rider.The Yamaha YB125 Z is easy to handle as it is made to provide maximum comfort to its riders.

YB 125 Z has also perfect wheels. The tires provide excellent grip on the road and wear resistance. The front and rear wheels are of 18-inches in diameter providing maximum stability to the rider.