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Zxmco 250cc Monster Heavy Bike Launched in Pakistan

The company ZXMCO Motor Cycles has recently launched its latest and most innovative product up to date. This product is the ZXMCO 250cc Monster, or in other worlds, the China Harley Davidson bike. The best thing about this bike is that it looks like a heavy bike. Moreover, The ZXMCO 250 cc looks like the choppers which one sees in the movies. A few months ago ZXMCO launched 200cc Cruise Bike.

ZXMCO 250cc & the Company Behind It

ZXMCO Motorcycles is a brand of the famous Abdul Samad Group. This company is famous for its great successes. The group is ever since making top quality bikes. Additionally, this group makes durable, comfortable and reasonably priced ZXMCO bikes. The group is working in the market for more than ten years now.

This Chinese motorcycle brand is famous for its durable and reliable motorcycles. The ZXMCO 250cc bike is fast and smooth. Moreover, it is also sure to last a lifetime if driven properly. Each and every model of ZXMCO has its own style and touches the heart of the whole market. As a result, ZXMCO 250cc and other bikes have gained the trust of the market.

zxmco 250cc
ZXMCO Monster 250cc

The Company started in 2004, and only made bikes in Lahore. However, within a short amount of time, they made a large network of sales. Moreover, they even started after sale services and dealing in spare parts in the whole country.

ZXMCO 250cc Price

The ZXMCO 250cc is no doubt a very good bike. This china Harley Davidson bike is the closest you can get to a chopper style bike. Thus, the price of the ZXMCO 250cc is 425,000 a bit more than the other bikes in this range. However, the ZXMCO 250cc is worth the money. In order to buy the zxmco 250cc, you need to book it by paying 75,000 in advance. Soon, the zxmco monster 250cc will be at your door step 2 months after booking.

ZXMCO 250cc Specs and Features

The ZXMCO 250cc has an engine of a monster. Having a capacity of 250cc, the ZXMCO monster has a double cylinder (V-twin) engine. It also has a 4 strokes, air cooled unit. Similarly, the ZXMCO motorcycle packs an electronic fuel injection. As a result, the ZXMCO 250cc has much better fuel average than other 250 cc bikes. Moreover, the fuel tank of the ZXMCO Monster 250cc can hold up to 18 liters of fuel. That makes the zxmco heavy bike very safe to take on a long route.

zxmco 250cc

Additionally, the weight of the ZXMCO 250 cc is 165 kg, which makes it better to balance. The ZXMCO bike has disc brakes in both its front and back wheels. Moreover, the ZXMCO 250 cc goes up to a max speed of 120 km per hour. For a heavy bike, this speed is really very nice. The zxmco monster 250cc also had led lamps in its front and back headlights. Even so, the side lights of the zxmco monster 250cc have led lamps in them. Overall, the zxmco 250 cc is a great bike, having a great shape just like a chopper.