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Zxmco ZX 100 Shahsawar

zxmco zx 100 shahsawar
zxmco 100 Shahsawar

Zxmco zx 100 Shahsawar Price Rs: 55,000
Image Credit: ZXMCO Pakistan Pvt. Ltd

Zxmco zx 100 Shahsawar is another quality product in the product line of ZXMCO Motorbikes. It has all the amazing features which any rider would prefer to exist in the bike he owns. This bike has built quite a strong relationship with its clients because of its perfection and reliability. Plus it is very reasonable in price which makes it even more chosen over any other bike. ZX 100 has got a very smooth clutch and also a dashing engine voice. Furthermore, it has very strong wheels which give a strong grip on all kinds of roads; smooth or rough. The prominent features of ZX 100 Shahsawar are its classy design, appealing colors and of course comfortable seats.Below are the complete specifications of Zxmco 100cc.

ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar is a recent launch by ZXMCO motorcycles. The company more formally known as Abdul Samad Group. According to the manufacturers they design a product with such quality that their bikes are good to be used forever. As the company tagline claims, “behtreen humsafar, umar bhar k liyai”. Furthermore, the company which established itself back in 2004, have indeed managed to win the heart of people within no time.

shahsawar 2018 New Model in Pakistan is soon to be found rolling on the streets. Indeed, to win the hearts of its consumers only. Although shahsawar is given Chinese technology it is still well suited for the roads of Pakistan. Quite capable of running smoothly on bumpy and unstable roads. Furthermore, one thing ZXMCO motorcycles are known for is the level of comfort they offer. The design of the seats is as such that it offers comfort ride for both rider and pillion.

Moreover, the seat is so spacious that it can easily be considered as a family bike. Adding on, ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar as the name suggests is a Shahi Sawari. Perfectly designed to meet your everyday transport need without any problem.  Now reaching college on time or attending an important meeting is not an issue. Since zx 100 shahsawar is here to stay and rule the hearts. Nevertheless, ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar price in Pakistan is also kept quite economical so that it is easily affordable. One can easily get his hands on this beauty since ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar price in Pakistan is only PKR.55000.

zxmco zx 100 shahsawar
Color Black

ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar Price in Pakistan 2019

If you are looking for to free yourself from everyday transport hassle, ZXMCO ZX 100 shahsawar can be the solution. shahsawar has a neat design and is a sleek looking, stylish bike. It is readily available in red and black colors with graphic design stickers on the fuel tank. Furthermore, ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar is given bright headlights with illuminating indicators. Noticeable from a huge distance as well. The Headlight cowling further adding to the beauty of the bike. If one focus on the backlights, it is done slightly differently in a good way. After the seat bar, they have extended backlight design with lifted mudguards.

All these features make shahsawar extremely attractive. It is such a bike which is bound to hold attention when on road and one can simply not ignore it. All the hype which is created even before the launch of the bike certainly indicates great performance. Not only of this bike ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar, but quality insurance of ZXMCO motorcycles as a whole.

Moving on, ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar is a bike with Euro II technology. Along with black painted muffler exhaust that does give promising appeal to the bike. However, that’s not it the black exhaust and Euro II technology together promises smoke-free ride. Promising a ride which is environmentally friendly. If I consider the overall design of  shahsawar there is no doubt it is very classy. Along with powerful shocks, makes owning this bike worthwhile. Adding on, the quality of zx 100 shahsawar body or exterior. It is designed with the high quality material making this bike extremely durable.

zx 100 shahsawar can easily overcome minor accidents and slight road accidents without any massive damage to the bike. I personally believe that’s a very good feature of the bike. Since driving on roads of Pakistan you never know what happens next. Therefore, durable exterior promises that there is no compromise on one’s life. Lastly,

ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar is an economical bike. Either one considers its first-time purchase price or everyday running cost. The bike is friendly on the pocket. It has competitive price along with an engine that is fuel efficient. Moreover,  zx 100 shahsawar is a bike which will not have major issues if regular maintenance is scheduled.

Zxmco ZX 100 ShahsawarTechnical Specifications

100 shahsawar is a 100cc bike coming from Abdul Samad Group. It is sound with Chinese technology and has 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled engine. The displacement of the bike is 97cc with compression ratio 8.8:1. The bore and stroke of shahsawar are 47.0 x 41.4 mm. Clutch is regular wet type multi-plate along with 4-speed transmission. It is no surprise that the bike does not have self-start option and need to be kick-started. Moving on the frame of the bike is backbone type. Again it is the most common type of frame with many added advantages. It is not only cheaper and convenient to manufacture but it is also a feast for riders. As the backbone frame offers the most comfortable ride.

The dimensions of the bike are 1930 (lxwxh). Not only this, this combination of 135mm ground clearance and 90kg dry weight, makes this bike quite stable on road. The petrol capacity of 9liters which I believe is little less than competitive bikes. The size of tires in front is 2.50 – 18 and size of tires at back is 2.75 – 18.


ZXMCO zx 100 shahsawar is a very good bike. After a very long time, I have come across a bike one can rely on. Not only  shahsawar is efficient but also, offers great road experience. Buying this bike is certainly not risking your money. However, one might face an issue if the rider aims to sell this bike. Since the company is not quite popular as a result people might be the bit hesitant to purchase the bike. As far as bike maintenance is concerned, the service centers of ZXMCO Motorcycles are few. Yet, on the other hand, one can buy original parts as well as lubricants directly from their website.

The final verdict will be that shahsawar is a good, purchasable bike. Being a 100cc bike it is available at good price. Furthermore, it will be hard to find all these qualities at this price.

Zxmco ZX 100 Shahsawar Specification

Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air CooledDisplacement97 cc
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio9.1:1
ClutchWet Type Multi-PlateTransmission4 Speed Manual, Continuous, Forward
StartingKick StartFrameBack Bone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1930Ground Clearance135 mm
Petrol Capacity9 LTyre at Front2.25 – 17
Tyre at Back2.75 – 18Dry Weight90KG