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Zxmco ZX 70 Thunder Plus

zxmco zx 70 thunder plus
ZX 70 Thunder Plus

Zxmco zx 70 Thunder Plus Price : 47,000
Image Credit: ZXMCO Pakistan Pvt. Ltd

The latest bike has been introduced in the market by a Chinese brand called ZXMCO. However, this is not the first bike manufactured by the company. ZXMCO motorcycles already have many bikes in the market. The latest addition to its large number of bikes is ZXMCO ZX 70 thunder plus. Zxmco ZX 70 thunder plus 2018 new model Pakistan comes with the sleek classic look. Adding to attractive features and specifications. Further, the price of the bike is also reasonable. Zxmco ZX 70 thunder plus
Should be the choice of every middle-class person as the price of the bike has been kept low keeping the middle class as the target market. Zxmco ZX 70 thunder plus price in Pakistan 2018 is PKR.47,000.

The specifications of this zxmco bikes also add to its beauty. The excellent mileage and 4 strokes single-cylinder further accentuate its value. However, despite all the specifications of the modern bike and attractive design, it stands out from other 70 cc bikes. The Zxmco ZX 70 thunder plus is equipped with comfortable leather seats. Making it easier for the rider but also the passenger. The seats are comfortable but at the same time have also classic touch to them.  It is not only an attractive choice for people who love bikes but also for a family.

After using this particular Zxmco motorcycles riders would also find out the strength. Since ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS as it has outstanding quality and long life. The reason that the bike will appeal to the middle class is due to its outclass fuel economy, and amazing mileage.

Company Overview

ZXMCO is a Chinese brand of bike manufacturers but has become a famous brand over the years. Ever since its establishment over a decade ago the company has remained committed to providing plenty of choices. Providing bikes which are not only economical but also durable. ZXMCO has been catering to the needs of middle-class users by providing stylish and comfortable bikes. The company started off in August 2004 and established a production facility in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab.

The state-of-the-art facility started assembling of motorcycles and production of bikes keeping the local market in mind. In a very short period, the company managed to provide effective after sales services. Developing a large network of sales. ZXMCO also managed to establish connections and developed a network of spare parts dealers. Not just in Lahore but through-out the country.

Besides, the company also involved itself in the developing of motorcycle parts. The company remained committed to providing high-quality products and at competitive prices. Further, the company also has a good PR team. As they managed to build a relationship of trust with their customers. ZXMCO utilized its expertise to cater to the needs of its customers. Using the R&D and focusing on the innovations. The company managed to respond to customers’ demands and learn about their preferences throughout the country.

zxmco zx 70 thunder plus
Color Black

Technical Specifications and Features

ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS  is an attractive option for the middle class of the country. The bike is as powerful as any other modern 70 cc bike. In addition to this ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS is also equipped with all the modern features which are found in other modern bikes. ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS has a size, shape, and color which enhance its value. Coming to the engine and performance of the bike. It has 4-stroke single cylinder air cool which produces the best and economical mileage. Therefore, making this bike the best buy for the middle class. Who commutes regularly from work to home. ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS stands out from all other bikes due to its 1897 dimensions. The petrol tank is also with a capacity of around 10 liters.

Furthermore, the bike is easy to handle since the dry weight is not so much and is around 82 kilogram. Hence, easy to move around. ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS also has the best quality tires which are best for the roads in Pakistan. As they are built to have good and strong road grip. The bike is also equipped with Wet Type Multi-Plate clutch which is a rather new technology in the market. The bike has the CDI capacitor discharge ignition which provides the touch of the latest technology. Giving rider comfort of riding the bike comfortably.

The quality of the engine performance is further enhanced by the maximum power and torque rate. Improving the durability and efficiency of the bike. Not only the exterior designs, but ZXMCO has also invested a lot of effort in making ZXMCO 70 powerful internally. As every single detail has been very carefully looked for while keeping the target audiences in mind. The company has designed a bike which is affordable and has a long life.

The company has also ensured that the rider, as well as the passenger, is comfortable while riding the bike. Since the suspension system of the bike has been specifically built keeping this in mind. Furthermore, the bore and stroke are around 47×41.4 and the horsepower of the bike is around 7.0PS/6500 RPM. All this has been built specifically for the bike lovers. Making it an affordable decent bike with a powerful engine. The frame type of the bike is the backbone. Moreover, all the lights including the indicators and rear brake light are crystal lights with enhanced shine.


ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS is available in black and red colors. Along with wonderful graphics on its tank which also has a very classic look. The engine of the bike is also powerful. It has also four solid gears as that of any modern-day bike it can speed up to 90 km per hour. Moreover, the aspect which also sets ZXMCO ZX 70 THUNDER PLUS aside from other 70 cc bikes is that it has self-start mechanism which other bikes do not. Beside this, it also has front disk brake. The bike has classic look but also has a modern touch to it with headlights which are crystal masked and big. The indicators light further add to its sleek look. THUNDER PLUS is also equipped with powerful rear brakes.

Zxmco ZX 70 Thunder Plus Specification

Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air CooledDisplacement72 cc
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
ClutchManual wet multi-plateTransmission4 Speed Manual, Continuous, Forward
StartingKick StartFrameBack Bone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1920Ground Clearance135 mm
Petrol Capacity10 LTyre at Front2.25 – 17
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17Dry Weight82 KG