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Zxmco Pakistan


ZXMCO Motorcycles is a famous brand of Abdul Samad Group which is a company well known for its great achievements. Abdul Samad Group has been consistently providing good quality, durable, economical and comfortable bikes over a decade.

This Chinese motorcycle brand has managed to build a strong image in the market because of its reliability and durability. These Chinese Motorbikes are fast, smooth, comfortable, dependable and lifelong motorbikes. Every model of this brand is designed so elegantly that it has touched the hearts of the users. Not just that, ZXMCO Motorcycles has also developed a strong trust in the marketplace.

Abdul Samad Group

Coming over to the history of Abdul Samad Group; The Company started in August 2004 when they started assembling the motorcycles in Lahore. However, it didn’t take long for Abdul Samad Group to establish a large network of Sales, After Sales Service and Spare Parts dealers throughout the country. Later, Abdul Samad Group also started to manufacture the motorcycle’s parts.