Benelli Bike & Keeway Bike Launched in Pakistan|

Benelli Bike and Keeway Bikes Launched in Pakistan

Benelli Bike & Keeway Bike

Motorbike lovers in Pakistan have been importing benelli bike themselves for years now. This is due to the fact that the motorbike industry here is controlled by a few brands including the worldwide famous brand Honda. This has made the passion for sporty and modern looking bikes not only extremely expensive but also near impossible as there are various issues one has to face while getting his favorite bike imported.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that a huge chunk of Pakistan’s population uses bikes to commute. With no other option being available, almost 90 percent of the customers end up buying the traditional, or ugly and underpowered as I would say, bikes. Every other bike we get to see on the roads is usually a 70CC one. What bothers not only me but also all the bike enthusiasts is that all the bikes are exactly the same even though there are a significant number of brands including Unique, Super Power, Honda etc. From the tail lights to the speedometer, each and everything is the same.

The Launch Event of Benelli Bike & Keeway Bike

It was high time that this trend changed. The well renowned Buraq Automobile established a joint venture with Qianjiang Motor Company in order to surprise the bike lovers in Pakistan with two highly reputable and well known international bike brands – Benelli Keeway motorcycles.

This not only came as a huge surprise to the people all across Pakistan but also as a brutal challenge to the already established bike manufacturers here that have been taking advantage for ages. The addition of the two brands to industry was announced about two years ago. Benelli Keeway Motorcycles got the bikers in the country really excited. However, it all seemed as an attempt that would fail so people gradually began to lose hope. It was not until Buraq Automobile launched the two brands recently in an event held in Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore. The launch event went quite successful and reignited a long lost spark in the people.

benelli bike
Image Credit: Buraq Automobile

Buraq Automobile is now the official importer of the two brands. On the other hand, Qianjiang Motor Company has become the official distributor.

Benelli Bike

The famous Italian motorcycle brand, Benelli Bike, is in the industry since 1911. This means it has been ruling the bike market worldwide for more than a century. Benelli Bike has become an iconic and ideal brand when it comes to durable, reliable, super fast, mean-looking, affordable and practical bikes in Italy and various other countries.

Benelli Bike is much more when it comes to manufacturing motorcycles. The company has introduced various groundbreaking models during more than the hundred years. Benelli Bike makes sure that the Italian spirit does not go missing from its bike. It relies on advanced engineering, which allows it to make better models every time. It has paid attention to even the minute details and has not only made the bikes fast but also extremely fuel efficient. Moreover, Benelli Bike considers safety the most important factor thus not leaving any loop hole that might put the riders’ lives at risk.

The company has now taken a successful step in the Pakistani motorcycle market by introducing what could currently be the best bike for the consumers here – Benelli Bike TNT 25.

Benelli Bike TNT 125

benelli bike
Image Credit: Buraq Automobile

keeping in mind the fact that people in Pakistan use bikes to get from point A to point B fast and without burning too much petrol. Benelli Bike TNT 25, therefore, is possibly the best that people could buy. It comes packed with a number of amazing features that you can never expect from your usual 70CC.

Benelli Bike Features:

  • 250CC water cooled EFI engine
  • Benelli bike 4 pistons caliper
  • 17-liter petrol tank of Benelli bike
  • 240mm rear disk brake
  • Maximum output of 28.16HP
  • 280mm front disk brake of Benelli Bike
  • Double piston caliper of Benelli bike
  • Excellent mileage of 30-35 KM/Liter
  • Available in sporty red and shiny black colors

There is much more that the Benelli Bike TNT 25 offers you than the above-mentioned features. The Benelli Bike TNT 25 allows you to make a bold impression on the roads with its unique and modern design. If thinking about going for it, you must ride it to believe it.

Keeway Bike

Born in Hungary in 1999, Keeway Motorcycles started as a small scale motorcycle manufacturer with the aim of revolutionizing the motorbike industry. It took merely 15 years for Keeway to become a multinational motorcycle brand. Today, Keeway Motorcycles operates in more than 80 countries and has now entered the Pakistani market.

Keeway Pakistan has launched two versions of the RKS150sport – CG and GS – and has already received an overwhelming response.

RKS150sport (GS)

benelli bike
Image Credit: Buraq Automobile

The sporty and mean looking RKS150sport is the next big thing when it comes to 150CC bikes in Pakistan. It packs a significant amount of horsepower for a 150CC bike. Moreover, the design is unique and eye-catching in its own way.

Keeway Bike Features:

  • Maximum output of 13HP
  • 150CC Benelli Technology engine
  • 60mm rear suspension
  • 16 liter petrol tank
  • 230mm front disk brake
  • Mono shock
  • Immaculate mileage of 40-45 KM/Liter

Keeway Pakistan has is also launching newer and different models including the Keeway 125 Superlight, RKS 100 and RKS 125. It is time to say goodbye to the 70CC models. The Keeway 125 and RKS 100 are probably the best options if you want to go for extra fuel efficient fast bikes.

Conclusion of Benelli Bike & Keeway

With this dream turning into reality, it can be said that the days when the Pakistani roads will be filled with modern, sporty and fuel efficient bikes are almost here. If you want to go for a bike that is both sporty and practical, you might consider contacting Buraq Automobile or Qianjiang Motor Company.