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Bike Installment in Pakistan

Everyone is almost well aware of installment plans. Irrespective of the fact that bike installment in Pakistan is quite new term. In order to make it easier for those who do not understand motorcycle installment. It’s simply buying a product for which one keeps paying from roughly 1 to 3 years depending on plan. The bike is with you for use the whole time but you will have the ownership after the bike installment completion.

Motorcycle installment plans have made it quite easy for people to purchase a bike. On the other hand, where it is adding ease for people. It is also helping companies to make some extra money by offering such motorcycle installments. Since most of the time, the motorcycles available on installment are little expensive. Moreover, in the recent years, there have been increase in companies which are offering motorcycle installment plans. Both private companies as well as motorcycle manufacturers are coming up with such offers.

Sitara Auto Impex a reliable name in bike installment business, owned and managed by Mr. Sabir Shaikh Chairman APMA. The model of Sitara Auto Impex is similar to I4U model with easy installment terms. Sitara Auto Impex is a old name in the motorcycle industry and have been operating for several decades with good market reputation. Sitara Auto Impex offers all leading brand on installment including Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, SuperPower & Winner & etc.

Recently, a company named as Installment 4U. Commonly known as I4U has came up with a new idea of selling new bikes on installment in Karachi. The aim of the company is to keep their customers loyal by providing a long-term service. I4U is offering both new bikes and heavy bikes on installment in Karachi. It works almost in a similar manner as getting a bike on installment from the bank. Also, like the number of banks these bike installment plans are under the approval of Islamic Scholar.Adding on, one can easily avail these motorcycle installments from I4U  for the period of 6, 9, 12 or 18 months. Personally believing its a great effort by Installment 4U. The only drawback is that they this is an online service. Whereas people in Pakistan usually do not trust online sellers. Especially when making purchases which involve a large sum of money.

On the other hand, Meezan bank bike installment is another popular motor bike installment plan. This motorcycle installment has been around for a while and has gain popularity. Not long ago, the two companies  Meezan Bank and Pak Suzuki Motors joined hands. The aim was to make the purchase of motorcycle easier for the people. In order to avoid any uncertainty and make it desirable for all.

Meezan bank bike installment is introduced under the name of Meezan  Bike Ijarah. Gaining approval from Islamic financing program. The program allows one to get a bike on installment for 1 – 3 year period. Moreover, Takaful Islamic Insurance scheme also includes being part of monthly installment price. On the other hand, companies like Atlas Honda also have motorcycle installment plans in involvement with banks. Atlas Honda is providing motorcycle installment plan for credit card holders. The credit card holders of Muslim Commercial Bank, Silk Bank, and Bank Alfalah. Also, United Bank Limited and Meezan Bank credit card holders can benefit from this offer. Under this scheme of Atlas Honda, one can get the bike on installment in Lahore as well without any problem. Since this offer is valid in Lahore too.

Furthermore, bike installment plans are even being offered by private sellers. Websites like and make motorcycle installment easier. Since these websites have offers to get bikes on an installment plan. This schemes are not only valid for new bikes but also, for used bikes and even heavy bikes. In order to get bikes on installment in Rawalpindi. There is separate tab by by the name of Hence, no matter in what area of Pakistan you are living in. You certainly do not need to be sad. Since by the help of these bike installment plans one can cater the need of transport very easily. However, before making any purchase one should be sure that the product is in good condition. Also that the seller is not hiding true identity. As the screening process of these private websites is usually problematic.