Bikers Might be allowed to Travel on Motorways in near Future |

Bikers Might be allowed to Travel on Motorways

The motorway has always been an unresolved dispute when it comes to the motorcyclist. Restricting bikes from traveling on the motorway. This law certainly as a filter as a majority of people who own bikes. Banning number of people from going on a motorway in the comfort of their transport. Therefore they had to rely on public transport. On the other hand, this law did have advantages but at the same time, it was problematic for many. However, the bikers community is making a move and trying their level best to lift this ban. Recently, the bikers community is actively involved in bargaining with National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP). The aim is to finally convince NHMP to allow all the bikes on motorway irrespective of their displacement.

National Highway & Motorway Police

According to news circulating on various social media platforms, a proposal has been submitted to NHMP by bikers community. In the proposal, it is clearly stated that the bikes with a minimum displacement of 500cc should be allowed on the motorway. Followed by permitting only those bikes which have official, proper number plates and are registered. The proposal further includes that individuals who are 21 or above should be permitted to ride a bike on the motorway. Adding on, those who owe a heavy bike would have to gain permission before traveling on the motorway.

While riding on the motorway, use of a helmet will be must for both rider and passenger. The fine will be imposed in case of overspeeding along with cancellation power to ride on motorway again.

Adding on, it was over 10 years ago when the motorcyclists had permission to use the motorway. Last year, even Pakistan Army was not allowed to use motorway with an aim to carry peace rally. However, the bikers community is fighting towards availing the permission through court. Moreover, the bikers community is certainly hopeful and they believe the progress is made already.