Careem Bike Service 2018 Launched in Pakistan |

Careem Launched Bike Service in Pakistan

In a recent chain of events, this new replacement to the taxi business is helping millions of people. Started in the UAE, this application Careem has taken over almost all over the world. Its services are simple yet very innovative. It basically offers you a vehicle service, but with the help of your smart phone and an internet connection. One can simply download their app and book a careem bike. The rates are more or less similar to a normal taxi. However, in long routes, the rates are much cheaper. In addition, it saves you the effort to go physically look for a taxi. The car comes to your door step directly. You can choose a number of different choices like Go, Go+ and Business.

Now, this great service has launched a totally new segment of their business. They have added careem bikes service. This is a great step taken to cover the masses of Pakistan. Since most of the people here cannot afford cars, this is great. Furthermore, this careem bike will let its users travel in the cheapest possible manner. Presently, this careem bike service is only available in a few cities.

Careem motorcycle is already gaining fame in the market. In the meantime, careem bike is offering cheap and high quality transport services. Similarly to the car, careem bike picks you from your door step and drops you at a pin point location. Moreover, people have trouble driving in rush and narrow streets of our country. In the car, there was trouble going through these small streets. Even price can be a problem for the poor segment of people. However, careem bike is great and flexible for the crowded areas of Pakistan. Moreover, careem bike lets users to ride through such areas quickly and in a cheap amount of money. Careem motorcycle will no doubt let customers can cheaper and efficient transport methods in the near future.