Chinese Firm Offers 2000 Electric Buses For Karachi |

Chinese Firm Offers 2000 Electric Buses For Karachi

The metropolitan city, Karachi is under serious public transport issue.  In order to address this rising concern, a Chinese company has come up with brilliant idea. Offering to plant more than 2000 electric buses in the city. The project is estimated to cost around $600 million. However, this project will certainly solve metropolitan city transport issue to great extent.

A Chinese delegation consisting of six members recently visited Karachi. An offer was made to Mayor Wasim Akhtar by one of the delegation member Thomas Wang.

The Chinese representative of Eco – Bus company, Mr. Thomas Wang. The delegation member also said to gift the city two buses. The buses are reportedly said to reach Karachi, Pakistan in next two months.

The main aim of gifting electric buses initially is for try and error purpose. The reason is to evaluate these electric buses on the streets of Karachi. Also, to train the staff for their maintenance. Along with mechanics and other related affairs of electric buses.

The Mayor, Mr. Wasim Akhtar in his briefing with media addressed the public transport issue in Karachi, Pakistan.  Stating that the condition of public transport in city is beyond pathetic. It is high time to solve the issue. Fortunately, the Chinese delegation made suggestion of electric buses. If the project turn out to be successful, it will certainly solve city transport issue to a vast degree.

The Mayor further confirmed that the two electric buses are given as a gift to the city of lights. They will reach Karachi in next couple of weeks. The motive is to try and test these electric buses in the local conditions. Making sure if they are suitable for the local environment or not. This will help to further make sure if the project investment should be made or not. Confirming the reliability and success rate of project.

Moreover these bus is eco – friendly. In simple words, they are safe for environment. They will not damage the mother earth. Not even will have adverse effects on the health of citizens. As these electric buses are pollution free. Safe from both air and noise pollution.

One of the other benefit of these bus is that they rely on electricity for their function. Due to which it will not even have a negative impact on country’s foreign exchange. As, there will be no need of importing fossil fuel of high quality. These electric buses will be able to cover approximately 280km after being charged. In order to provide these buses with sufficient charging, 500 stations will be established throughout the city.

There are number of options which can be considered for successful running of this transport service. Including establishment of joint venture or the Chinese people doing all the work. From investment to running. They can also just do initial installment of buses and system. Leaving the functioning to citizens of Karachi, Pakistan.  Certainly whatever will be the best option will be put in practice. Solving metropolitan city public transport issue to a great extent.