Dolphin Force Police - Good initiative by Punjab Govt |

Dolphin Police Force – Good initiative by Punjab Govt.

Dolphin force or dolphin police force, a newly launched security unit by the government of Punjab. Although the reason for choosing this name is not understandable it is being considered as an elite security unit. The only valid reason which has been circulating in the air behind this name is an inspiration.

Apparently, CM Punjab – Mr.Shahbaz Sharif was impressed by law enforcement unit in Turkey. He got so carried away that he even named it after Turkish law enforcement agency. On the occasion of passing out parade of 696 individuals as part of Dolphin Force (DF). The CM Punjab said that this police force has been formed to safeguard CPEC. He further added after the training session, this police force will help in reducing street crimes and anti-terrorism in the region. Meeting the expectations and regaining the confidence of citizens. As well as it will help to improve the image of police force as a whole.

Irrespective of all the hopes and well wishes. There are many loopholes in dolphin force. Firstly, being a third world country where financial situation is not too promising. The police dignitaries also do not have many expectations with dolphin force. They certainly believe just like previous many forces, this force will demolish soon. Having embarrassing end result like its predecessors. At some point, I think that too. The main reason which decreases success factors for Dolphin force is expense. The Punjab government literally spend PKR1.5 million (1.5X300) on each bike which will be given to 300 police officers. Dolphin force mode of transport for patrolling inside the city will be Honda CB motorbikes. Having an engine capacity of 500cc.

These bikes are way too expensive which further raise questions about their maintenance. A bike being imported and with an initial cost of PKR1.5 million will be difficult to maintain too. Not only it will be difficult to get the spare parts but in case of wear and tear, the cost will be high too. Another alarming factor, the cost for each uniform is PKR.50000. No, it’s not a gold uniform nor from Versace. However, Dolphin force is to be given uniforms which will be sound with technology. A monitoring chip and camera attached to the uniforms so that movement of officers can be monitored. I wonder if they are waterproof just in case of rain.

Dolphin force DSP, Mr. Mir Kashif Khalil supports the decision of Punjab Government. He adds that it is extremely important to have high powered bikes so that criminals can be easily chased. Never the less, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Hoping that dolphin force will actually succeed in serving its purpose. Unlike Muhafiz Force and Quick Response Force, which got abandoned quickly from the streets. Mainly due to lack of funds for the maintenance of the force and now only serve the VIPs.

On the other hand, there is news that the local police of the region is deprived of basic police mobiles. Irrespective of informing the government several times, there was no positive response. Most of the police stations in Lahore at the moment have an average of 2 vehicles. Instead of spending extravagantly on Dolphin force. It would have been better if they would have focused on improving current police force. In the end, wishing Dolphin Force best of luck.