Dubai Introduces Pink Ambulance for Females |

Dubai Introduces Pink Ambulance for Females

You all will definitely be aware of the fact that Dubai has gone a long way during recent times. After the ladies having their own taxis and metro carriages in the UAE, a pink ambulance service is here to provide emergency treatments to children and women. The pink responders are the latest addition to specialized services provided by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. It is going to provide 12 hours service. These pink emergency response vehicles will exclusively cater to women.

The chief of this project states that these services will be provided seven days a week, to come to help the sisters in any circumstances. Currently, this system is new and only four women are leading this pilot project. The main aim of this service is to help patients to make them feel more at ease.

Designated Areas

Since its launch, the position of the ambulance is at Al Tawar Municipality Centre. It is going to cover the entire Deira area. The exact location of its station will depend on the areas where it receives the greatest reports. After some time, the introduction of another woman responder will be there to look after the Bur Dubai area. Moreover, it would only benefit women and would treat almost all the injuries that women complain of. In the case of pregnant women, their treatment will be in a rather swift manner, once the pink ambulance arrives. The pink responders will also deal with children cases.


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Drivers and other related Staff

The best part is that highly trained and qualified drivers have been employed. The chief of this project states that the drivers have vast experience. They are aware of the cases and provide patients the medication accordingly. The ambulance is ready to deal with any type of injuries. The drivers have been trained theoretically and practically, in association with the Latifa Hospital.