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Electric Bikes – A Reality???

Electric bikes or e-bikes are both fascinating and a dream. People are more than anxious to make these beauties part of their lives.  However, apparently, it does look like there are yet several milestones to cover. Electric bikes are not a new thing in the market and they have been dated to be around since 1895. However, electric bike particularly started to gain the attention of consumers in the twenty-first century. Since the fuel started vanishing in Pakistan and there were fuel strikes along with the ever-rising rates of fuel. On the contrary, the other thing which does hold attention is load shedding is at peak. So how does one plan to make electric bikes part of their life?

What are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes or popularly known e-bikes are two-wheelers which instead of fuel rely on electricity. These bikes are electric vehicles which need to be plug in and charged just like mobile phones. Once charged they can be efficiently used for roughly 8hours and can reach roughly speed up to 80-100kmph. Most of this electric bike is given step-through frame, which is more like a bicycle frame. Since this type of frame is easier and convenient to use for all ages and genders.

How is Electric Bikes better?

Electric bikes are better in a number of ways. The foremost advantage of an electric bike is that it’s economical. Electric bike running charges are dirt cheap. Although charging electric bike may test your patience. Since it needs about 8hours to be fully charged. On the other hand, a typical electric bike ride will cost around PKR.20 for 100km. The speed of electric bikes is not less either, it can go up to 60kmph. Costing 50 times less than what would you spend on a regular motorcycle.

Adding on, an electric bike does not require any license or formal registration since their displacement is less than 50cc. Moreover, it comes with disc brakes, keyless start and a digital meter. Apparently, electric bikes appear to be way better than the regular bike.


If one tries to analyze electric motorcycle with the future approach. It may turn out to be less practical. The motorcycle and fuel mafia both will try their best to not let electric bikes be a reality. As far as practicality is concerned, load shedding is the major issue. Followed by our infrastructure is not suitable for these electric motorcycles. One need to have charging stations for these electric bikes for making them actually practical. However, they may be used to run simple errands such as buying grocery or picking children from school. However, that will be again waste of money since they cost around PKR.80000 for a 50cc electric bike. Adding on, just in case there is a technical fault in the bike finding the right mechanic will be another concern. Electric bikes can be a reality in future but at the moment it’s more of a dream.