FIA Caught Company Selling of Bikes on Cheap Installment Price |

FIA Caught Company Selling of Bikes on Cheap Installment Price

The number of motorcycle manufacturers is increasing drastically in the company. From old player to new players and even the number of assemblers/importers have increased. It will not be wrong to say that there has been a major improvement in the motorcycle industry in Pakistan in recent years. At one point it has turned out beneficial for the country, on the other hand, it has raised numerous issues. The financial and economical issues which are being faced by the locals.

Certainly makes it easier for fraudulent to fool the innocent nation. It has always been easy to deceive the innocent peoples of Pakistan due to a variety of reasons. The strategy which works best is to place anything to everything on the sale price or cheap installment. A price hardly anyone could believe in, making it impossible for people to resist. Therefore, people prefer to buy the product then and there without inquiring. Simply because they do not want to miss the opportunity.

Recently, a similar case was with MNM. The organization named as MNM managed to release billions in favor of locals by issuing average bikes. FIA got into action, while the movement was being made by the suspects eventually capturing them. As narrated by the suspect himself, an amount of one lac was paid making payment of 35000 each month. Therefore, individuals were making billions.

On the other hand, other than Punjab suspects in KPK has sold poor quality bikes to innocent citizens. The suspects were operating smoothly in the number of areas in Punjab until discovered and sealed by FIA. It is advisable to check the registration number of the vehicle whenever making a purchase. Also, check for credibility and reliability of bike even if the bike is being sold at the low price or offering cheap installment.