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Use Fuel Additive and Expand the Life of Your Vehicle!

Buying motorcycles, cars or any vehicle is a major decision by an individual. Sometimes it is a long-awaited wish and other times result of the never-ending saving plan. Whatever the reason is eventually these 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers beauties become the love of life. Therefore, one never compromise on their maintenance. Making regular visits to mechanic sometimes for service and other time for fuel change. They even go an extra mile if required to make sure their vehicle is in perfect condition. Since ages, there is a norm of adding fuel additive to the fuel tank.

Although the concept is not too popular in Pakistan as compared to the rest of the world. However, experts do suggest that it is one of the best practices to maintain the health of the vehicle. When talking about vehicle health, the focus is obviously upon the engine. Resulting in less smoke from motorcycles, cars, heavy machinery and almost all type of heavy vehicles. These fuel additives are also promising enough to improve fuel efficiency. Providing better mileage.

Fuel Additive – Do They Work?

Before getting into the debate whether fuel additive work or not. It is more important to find out what exactly they do. There are the different type of fuel additive available in the market. From fuel stabilizers to octane boosters. The main purpose of fuel additive is to increase fuel efficiency and quality of motor vehicle. Resulting in higher compression ration providing better power and improved efficiency. Another milestone is to find out the fuel additive which works best for your vehicle. Certainly, if an individual is able to find right fuel additive for their vehicle, it is indeed a blessing.

KMplus – Fuel Additive

KM plus is one of the brilliant inventions in the range of fuel additive. KM plus is one of those fuel additive which does the magic as soon as it is mixed with the fuel. Benefiting almost all type of vehicles from motorcycles to all heavy vehicles. It helps to reduce all maintenance cost of vehicle. Furthermore, it is harmless and eco-friendly.  KMplus is manufactured using natural plants esters only making it highly natural. Since its natural, it contains no toxins and thus has no adverse effects on vehicles in long run. Also, it does not have any negative impact on the engine since there is no build up like most of the fuel additives. Leaving absolutely no ash or gum when burned with fuel. Providing fuel saving up to 35%. Moreover, it is biodegradable as well as environmental friendly.

KMplus is indeed designed with great market research. Considering consumer needs it effectively meets the requirement of vehicle maintenance. By providing great engine performance, protection of combustion engine, fuel saving and at the same time being socially responsible.

Usage of Fuel Additive

Use of this fuel additive is very simple. A certain amount of KMplus is to be added to the fuel tank and enjoy unlimited benefits of it.  Each KMplus bottle is labeled with an indicator. Suggesting per liter usage. The ratio is already given on the bottles for consumer convenience.

Price of Fuel Additive

A small bottle of KMplus which is good for 80km of petrol is available in the market for PKR.500.

Importance of KMplus

KMplus is one of those fuel additives which helps to reduce fuel cost. Providing better mileage with every liter. Reduces maintenance cost – reduces wear & tear, cleaner engine, prolong engine lifespan. Improves engine power and performance –  reduce engine vibration and noise.  Cleaner environment –  emit less toxic, emit less smoke. Also, by emitting less carbon dioxide per km.

Mantra of KMplus

  1. FUN – more power, fun to drive, smoother, quieter
  2. SAVE – more mileage, low maintenance cost
  3. GREEN – environmental friendly, non – flammable and natural.

Where to buy?

KMplus can easily be purchased. However, if you still find it difficult to locate KMplus sellers. The list of authorized dealers in Karachi and  Lahore is well provided on their website.

Final Verdict

Fuel additive are blessings which are often left unnoticed. KMplus is one of the finest fuel additive available in the market at the moment. Therefore, do not let your mode of transport to turn into a curse. Take care of it today so that it turns out to be fruitful, long-term investment. I suggest to use KMplus as their mantra says it all ‘fun, save and green!’