Ghandhara Jac T6 Double Cabin Pickup Launches in Pakistan |

Ghandhara Jac T6 Double Cabin Pickup Launches in Pakistan

The company,  Ghandhara is one the trusted names in Pakistan. The company have been operating in the region for a while and has established itself quite well in the region. Recently, Ghandhara has been awarded status of Brownfield by the Government of Pakistan.  For those who are unaware, Brownfield status is awarded to those companies who are better and improved.  In short, the companies which are able to upgrade themselves and keep modifying continuously are granted this status. After acquiring this status, Ghandhara Industry is performing more efficiently and come up with many innovative ideas. The company is all geared up to launch its attractive and well designed double cabin. The Ghandhara Jac will be good enough to compete with any similar vehicle in the market.

Ghandhara will be soon launching its double cabin JAC in Pakistan. The date for the launch is still unknown. However, it is confirmed that Ghandhara is actually coming up with its very own Ghandara Jac. The news has been further confirmed by Ghandhara representatives.

Ghandhara Jac will be sound in term of features and specifications. From the pictures only, one can easily reach a conclusion that Ghandhara Jac is no less than any similar vehicles. It does not have a cheap exterior. Adding on, the powerful appearance of the vehicle will help it to make its way to consumer’s heart. Focusing on the specifications, Ghandhara Jac has a 2.0L diesel turbo engine. Moreover, Ghandhara Jac will be available with the 6-speed transmission. However, it is available in manual option. The vehicle dimensions are 5315x1830x1815 (lxwxh) with a wheelbase of 3090mm.

Ghandhara Jac is a huge vehicle, therefore the company has made sure to ace the art of safety features. As safety comes first, Ghandhara Jac is secure with seatbelts of course along with airbags. The electronic brake distribution further adds to passenger safety. Moreover, Jac T6 on an international scale is secured with the number of features. Not sure, if these features will be made available in the local market or not.

Few of the features of Jac T6 includes tyre pressure sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows and multifunction steering wheel. Adding on, the vehicle also has a central locking system,  infotainment system, USB port and air conditioning.  Also, the camera for park distance control.

Although the majority of vehicles in Pakistan now have these features. So one can anticipate that Ghandhara Jac will be sound with all these features. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how many of these features will we be able to spot in Ghandhara Jac.

Ghandhara Jac is most probably going to be available in the market at PKR.2.6 million.  The vehicle assembling is being done locally but in collaboration with JAC Motors, China.

It is noteworthy to mention that Ghandhara is doing quite a decent job in the market and they are here to stay. At the moment, the company focus seems to be on adding value to themselves followed by expansion. They are soon going to introduce Datsun cars in the region as well. The company aim is to work with Nissan in close collaboration. Together, emerging as a world-class manufacturing plant having its base in Karachi.