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Ducati Monster 821 Stripe

ducati monster 821 stripe
Monster 821 Stripe

Ducati Monster 821 Stripe Price US $:

Image Credit: Ducati

The muscular style with bold design and advanced electronics. Ducati Monster 821 Stripe, as the name suggests is the ultimate monster which redefines the sporting spirit on road.

The redefines shape and the sporty looks, also inspired by racing components ensure to give you an enthralling ride.  The Monster 821 Stripes is powered by the Testastretta11° 821 cc engine, with air injection system keeps the essence of the real monster concept. The Testastretta 11° 821 cc engine generates power equal to 82.4 kW (112CV) at 9,250 rpm 89.4 Nm (9.1kgm) of torque at 7,750 rpm.

The Ducati Monster 821 Stripe powerful machine has Testastretta 11° 821 engine which combines with a type 2-1-2 exhaust system which allows the right amount of fuel delivery.  It also generates power comparable to that of a 3/4 cylinder engine.

Furthermore, the monster has a 17.5 L fuel tank which makes it a true monster on road with a perfect mileage.

Also, the 10-spoke lightweight aluminum alloy wheels maintain control and grip on the road. Ducati Monster 821 Stripe customized ergonomics provides maximum versatility while riding. You can also carry any sort of luggage while traveling because it has enough space. The comfortable seat is best for traveling longer distances. The bonus factor is that the new Monster 821 contains with an adjustable seat (± 25 mm) that can adapt to the needs of customers all over the world.

Ducati Monster 821 Stripe Riding Modes:

  1. Sports pack
  2. Urban pack
  3. Touring pack

which can be customized according to the need of the riders.

ducati monster 821 stripe
Ducati Monster 821 Stripe