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ducati bikes

Ducati Motors is a company which produces one of the attractive racing Ducati bikes. The company is famous for its beautiful slogan ‘Ducati builds emotions’. The designs for these Ducati bikes are mind blowing and are for sure incomparable to any other bikes company worldwide. One who has a passion for bikes or racing has Ducati amongst his top choices. As this Italian company has a huge share in Italy’s bike industry. Ducati motorcycles and bikes are famous throughout the world. The most of Europe is crazy over this amazing Ducati bikes. When a racer plans to buy a bike with the assurance of victory, the only word his mind says is Ducati.

Moreover, these Ducati bikes are a dream come true for the motorcycle enthusiasts and the quality is appreciated by all means. These bikes are sold in over 60 nations, and to their amusement, the sales have been huge and people are showing their affection towards these bikes very elegantly.

The Ducati Bikes Models

The Ducati Bikes models are a pure symbol of excellence. These Ducati bikes models are not like all the rest of the companies models. There are a lot of features which distinguish Italian brands from the rest of the world. These include its Tubular trellis frame, its L-twin engine and the lovely sound of the power unit. It is one of unique bikes. These bikes are available in almost all the championships are, salute to their quality and commitment, these Ducati bikes have won a huge percent of competitions. Amongst the last 18 Rider’s titles, 15 are of Ducati. The 2007 MotoGP championship was also won by a Ducati bikes when it had been only 4 years to their debut.

One of the most famous and liked product around the world is the Ducati Monster. It is a muscle type bike by Ducati motors in 1993. It has an exposed engine and an eye – catching frame. The frame type of the Monster is Tubular style tells. It has a 6-speed transmission with a 90-degree v-twin desmodromic engine. Moreover, the wheelbase of the bike is mostly 1440 meters which are 57 inches. The seat height is 770-800mm. Furthermore, the bike weighs around 161-182kg. The monster had been subject to numerous variations during the past years like the entry level at the beginning was 400cc which is now 160hp. These Ducati bikes are often showcased at competitions and there are monster challenges conducted around the world and the monster is one main subject there.

Another famous brand of this Italian motorbike giant is the super bike. The people also love this bike around the world. It has got amazing sales in the recent years in the United States. The crazy American bikers are crazy over the Ducati superbikes.

A Value for Money

These Ducati bikes have amazing quality. Moreover, it is a great value for money. Although the bikes are expensive they are a great value for money. Different bikes have different prices. For example, the Super Sport is around 13000 US dollars. Moreover, the bikes range from around 600 US Dollars and end at around 100,000 US dollars. Although they may be expensive as compared to the others but without doubt, it is a great value of money.