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Kawasaki Motorcycles

kawasaki motorcycles

Kawasaki heavy industries ltd is a Japanese multinational company. The company manufactures several products such as Kawasaki motorcycles, heavy equipment, and navy equipment. Moreover, it also produces several industrial products such as industrial robots and gas turbines. The headquarters of the company are in Tokyo, Japan. Furthermore, the company is 120 years old with a total of around 34000 employees.

Kawasaki motorcycle is manufacturing motorcycle and engine division of Kawasaki heavy industries. These Kawasaki motorcycles are being produced in Japan, USA, Philippines, Indonesia as well as Thailand.  Kawasaki is not one of the largest manufacturers in Japan. However, it has always remained influential on the industry. The company began with the production of small vehicles and airplanes. Moreover, after world war II Japan was deeply damaged. It was leftover with several spare parts of airplanes and vehicles. The motorcycles were first built by these leftover parts. The engines were used of airplanes. Thus, they were extremely speedy and powerful. Time by time the industry and the company both started to expand. There were new entries to the market. Many small companies left. Therefore, Kawasaki motorcycles had set a very strong place in the market which it upholds to date.

A Pleasure for the Riders

Kawasaki motorcycle are sold in more than 60 countries. The company is also famous for its jet skis and dirt bikes. The riders have always made Kawasaki their priority. This is because of the high performance. The beauty of this bike also plays an important role. Moreover, These Kawasaki motorcycles have recently won a lot of competitions and championships. The Kawasaki motorcycles have been successful in winning over companies like Ducati and Honda. Furthermore, the company produces Kawasaki bikes for everyone from children to racers. For example, KLX110 is for beginners. Whereas the KX450F is for championships worldwide.

The Kawasaki Motorcycles Ninja!

One of the best and the most loved Kawasaki bike worldwide is the Kawasaki Ninja. The bike is one of the most successful productions of the company. Moreover, the Ninja has very fine colors and big engines. Under the heading of Kawasaki Ninja, comes a long list of bikes. All the Kawasaki motorcycles models are quite different to each other. For example, the cylinders in the bikes vary. For example from one cylinder Kawasaki bikes to two cylinder Kawasaki bikes. Moreover, from two cylinder bikes to four cylinder bikes. The models of Kawasaki motorcycle Ninjas include Ninja H2, Ninja ZX-14 and Ninja zx-11. Moreover, some other models are Kawasaki Ninja 1000, 1000R and the Ninja 900. There is a huge variety of ninjas in the markets all over the world. Thus, it generates huge profits for the company. This helps to increase market share.

One of the oldest bike of the Ninja series is the Ninja 250r. This bike came in 1986. At that time it was an sport championship type bike. Moreover, it has been redesigned thrice since its introduction. In many of the markets worldwide this bike has now gone out of trend.  One of the best sales were in the USA of the ninja 250r for years. The bike is a perfect solution for all. Furthermore, the importance of this bike is measurable. The saying “A brave move by Kawasaki motorcycles because the ninja is virtually in a class of its own”. The Ninja series has been a great success. The company looks forward to maintain the reputation. This is done  with use of new ideas and technology.