Road Prince Wego 150cc vs Honda 150 | Competition|

Honda CB 150 vs Road Prince Wego 150

Power, speed, looks, colors and motorcycle industry upgrade is what is all the buzz happening in Pakistan’s motorbike industry. So the competition starts Road Prince Wego 150cc Vs Honda 150.

Honda CB150 launched recently in May 2017. Japanese Technology in Honda CB 150 gives it the economy suited to Pakistanis. With increased speed and torque, Honda CB150 is a better riding choice and technology.

Honda CB 150F:

Introduced in many color combinations of black, yellow, blue and the signature red – Honda CB150F comes with Japanese quality giving you maximum reliability and long-lasting ownership with the motorbike. The sporty looks Honda CB150 is designed with has given Pakistanis a reason to look better, bold and confident on the roads. Furthermore, the attractive design which matches speed bikes, everyone on the roads will notice your Honda CB 150 as a superior motorbike.

Mixing the riding experience and trail motorbike combination – Honda CB150F model 2017 is priced at Rs.160,000 which comes with rich and durable features and specs like.

  • Better shocks for smooth riding experience and less exhaustion.
  • Built with the 13-liter capacity which will give you maximum value for money.
  • Speed is 5-tranmission mode so you can enjoy the acceleration with every gear.
  • Equipped with a kick and electric start – you will just be enjoying these features as a modern motorbike fan.
  • Zero-vibration of an engine which is engineering achievement.
  • Better road grip – providing safety to driver and the bike on longer routes
road prince wego
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Fuel Economy

Honda CB 150 is an addition to motorbike choices in Pakistan – fuel economy and high price balance out each other. If you are young and looking for long-term motorbike ownership of 5-9 years. Honda CB150 is also a better choice when compared with fuel consumption per year and per mile.

Road Prince Wego 150cc

Higher priced than Honda CB150, Road Prince Wego 150cc is also a smooth ride for Pakistani young youth.  Equipped with a modern design of a roadster speed bike. Road Prince Wego 150cc also shows the power, durability, smoothness. Road Prince 150 has all the color combinations of blue, signature red and black.

Road Prince Wego 150cc Weight

Best of all it is lightweight than Honda CB150. Honda CB150F is 124 KGs and Road Prince Wego 150cc in comparison is only 115 KG. In addition to this fuel consumption has a noticeable impact. The petrol capacity is also better than Honda CB150F, with 18 liters. This means longer rides with fewer stops for refueling on long routes. Road Prince Wego 150cc has amazing top speed in 150cc motorcycles.

road prince wego
Image Credit: Omega Industries

Road Prince Wego 150cc Engine

Equally engineered with 5-transmission engine – Honda 150 vs Wego 150cc. Road Prince Wego 150cc compared to Honda 150 gives similar riding experience with 150CC (engine displacement). Both the motorbikes are 4-stroke engines which give stability to speed driving on Pakistani roads. Ground clearance of more than 145 mm, both Honda CB150F and Road Prince Wego 150cc are safe for the bumpy Pakistani roads.


Road Prince 150cc is an only electrical start. if the electric starter is out of order, you might have to get it fixed which can take the time to find an expert motor mechanic.

Honda 150 vs Road Prince Wego 150cc. Both are with hydraulic brakes and clutches which give better grip on the road and high flexibility while riding.

Made for the youth to look more modern with a superior choice of class showing brand conscious on the higher side. Honda 150 vs Road Prince Wego 150cc are also made to make you look confident. The Road Prince Wego 150cc 2017 price in Pakistan is Rs.180,000