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Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe 2018 Review

KawasakiZ900RS Cafe, a newly designed motorcycle introduced by Kawasaki manufacturer in Japan. The company is in business since 1960 and have excelled in the art of assembling and designing motorcycles. Recently, the company introduced KawasakiZ900RS Cafe which is commonly known as Z900RS. A bike which has not only managed to impress every other layman but attracted bike fanatics and critics. If you are looking for something extra rather than an ordinary motorcycle, Z900RS is certainly the bike to choose.

Fashion Statement

It will not be wrong to say that Kawasaki Z900RS is specifically assembled for bikers with fine taste. A youth-oriented bike which effortlessly compliments one appeal and makes a bold style statement. Kawasaki Z900RS is inspired from its previous models launched in 1983, a bike which was used in AMA Superbike Championships. KZ1000R, 1983 was even used by Steddy Eddie formally known as Eddie Lawson in championships. Kawasaki Z900RS does look a lot similar to KZ1000R but obviously few modifications to meet the improved taste of people. The bike has bright green color just like it 1983 model along with similar bikini fairing and rear fenders. However, Kawasaki Z900RS has comparatively plunging exterior and defined curves. On the other hand, some people even suggest that the company should have considered skipping adding KZ spec tank.

Moreover, the bike has better handlebars. The handlebars are attached slightly lower approximately 1.5inches and are bit forward. Therefore, the rider has to lean forward while driving the bike. The rider further adopts more fierce position while riding as the seat is even about an inch taller. All these changes and modifications make Kawasaki Z900RS a pleasurable and enjoyable ride.

Improved and Better Technicalities of Kawasaki Z900RS

According to the reviews, the power deliverance of Kawasaki Z900RS is way more promising than it’s previous models. A bike with 948cc power along with 73.4 x 56.0mm bore and stroke. Kawasaki Z900RS is given Liquid-cooled four-cylinder DOHC four-stroke engine with 6-speed transmission. The maximum power of the bike is 97.4 hp at 8,600 rpm and torque remains at 64.5 lb-ft. 6,800 rpm. It is a bike which is obviously available in electric start option.  On the contrary, rumors are that not much changes are made in the previous model torque and horsepower. More or less they remain the same. The maintenance of throttle in  Kawasaki Z900RS is way convenient and switching between gears is a delight in itself.

Although the bike offers 948cc displacement but speeding up way too much turns out more of work than pleasure. The bike fails to maintain a smooth pace after 8/10th pace. The bike has Dual 300 mm disc front brakes while the rear brakes are Single 250 mm disc.  The brakes work effortlessly well. Especially if you have to hit the brakes in an alarming situation, you can certainly rely on them.


Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe appears to be technically sound and a promising bike. According to the manufacturers the bike will be produced in small quantities. Kawasaki Z900RS is being particularly popular due to its good looks and exclusivity. Due to which internationally people are going gaga over it specifically the young blood. The bike is priced at $11,499 and if you wish to import the bike, be ready to pay heavy customs duty.