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M TAG Made Mandatory for all Commercial Vehicles on Motorway

Motorway rules and regulations regarding the vehicles allowed have recently been revised. According to the new rule, it is mandatory for all the vehicles to have M Tag in order to travel on the motorway. Any commercial vehicle without the M Tag will be banned from an entry on the motorway. It is to bring into readers knowledge that E Tag has been given new name M Tag. For those who are unaware E Tag was made so that people can pay toll taxes and utility bills conveniently.

In the world of technology, nothing is left behind from being digitalized. Therefore, Frontier Works Organization (FWO)  is now also updating their systems. Anyone who wishes to travel on the motorway needs to have M-Tag. This M-Tag can easily be charged through a mobile application, Smart Motorways or directly from their website. However, one can certainly opt for Jazz Cash option or buy widely available scratch cards. These scratch cards are available in the market for PKR.200/ 500/ 1000/ 2000 and PKR.3000.

M-Tag is quite easy to use and on a positive note can be looked upon as a facility. During the time when long queues are still ruling many government departments, such an attempt is certainly liberating.

How do M Tag works?

M Tag will work almost like E Tag. A radio frequency identification (RFID) chip will be given to the owners of vehicles. This RFID need to be pre-paid and is supposed to have a certain amount of credit in it. At the time of crossing through the toll plaza, simply give out the M Tag which will be scanned and the balance will be deducted. This is going to further ensure corruption-free transaction plus will help to keep crime rate in check. Since the scanner has an ability to record time, vehicle number and location one has checked in to.

At the moment, M Tag is only made compulsory for commercial vehicles on a motorway. However, it is expected that later this option will even be made compulsory for private vehicles as well.

The Registration Process

Just in case any private car owner wants to avail this service, they easily can get registered for it. Previously, till the month of March registration was free of cost for private car owners. They were given an additional balance of PKR.300 as well. They were even able to recharge of PKR.500 for free for every 5000km traveled.  It was a promotional activity in order to encourage people to opt for M Tag option.  Moreover, if your vehicle is M tag registered, you will have your own lane. One can travel hassle-free without waiting in long lines.

In order to get a M Tag, one needs to have quite a few, basic documents. This includes CNIC, a valid driving license, and vehicle registration documents. These documents need to be shown at the time of registration.