Master Motors Can Bring Changan Cars in Pakistan |

Master Motors Can Bring Changan Cars in Pakistan

Master Group of Companies is widely known for their exceptional services and quality products.  The company started their another venture under the name of Master Motors Corporation in 2002. The company manufactures and assemble vehicles, the company is ISO Certified.


Recently, the details have been put forward by Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing. According to the information, Master Motors have been granted the status of Greenfield, category A. Certainly indicating the capabilities of local manufacturers. Moreover, this shows there is a lot of capacity for new automakers in the country. Adding on, Master Motors has been actively making progress in their business. The company has recently collaborated with Chongqing Changan Automobile Limited. Chongqing Changan Automobile is Chinese manufacturer, actively in business ever since 1862. The main business activity between the two companies will be to sell Changan vehicles in Pakistan. In short, Master Motors will be assembling and selling Changan’s car in the region.

Changan Automobile is popularly known for manufacturing extremely luxurious Sedans and SUVs. The company established in the region will increase the benchmark of quality of vehicles in the region. After a while, the local manufacturers have been complaining regarding late delivery of cars. Along with lack of features and expensive cars. The company will help address these issues. At the same, the competition faced by other companies will force them to improve their quality. According to the rumors circulating it is expected that Master Motors will initially be coming up with CX70 and Sedan.

Previously, it is important to mention here that earlier Foton JW Auto Park and Masters had a slight dispute. The companies which were under the ownership of JW SEZ, had an argument because the Foton JW was granted Greenfield status. According to Master Motors, it was injustice act and it will affect the business. On the contrary, Foton JW responded to Master Motors saying statement made by Master Motors is far away from reality. Also, such a status can only be acquired after great scrutiny.

However, there are a number of companies which have been granted the status of Greenfield. Few of the names include Sazgar Engineering Works and Regal Automobile Industries Limited. So far only eight companies have managed to gain this status. This status is granted by Government of Pakistan under the auto policy 2016-2021. Master Motors is the most recent automobile manufacturers which are granted the status of Greenfield.