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Metro 70cc Premier Plus

Metro 70cc
Premier Plus

Metro 70cc Premier Plus Price Rs:

Image Credit : Ohad Motors

Metro premier plus is a new and great bike in the range of metro 70cc bikes. The metro premier plus motorcycle comes with a range of great features and specs. Consequently, it is the unique motorcycle to buy. Metro 70cc is a fine product of Metro Motorcycle Company. This company is under Ohad Motors Pvt Ltd. This model was launched in early 2017 in Pakistan. Similar to every other bike, the metro 70cc is a quality motorcycle. It is also reliable and affordable at the same time.

Moreover, its design and features are as such that it is the ideal rider’s choice. The metro 70 cc comes with a great looking speed meter along with stylish indicators. Metro 70 cc also has an overall sleek design. Furthermore, it has great looking graphics along with a very nice and soft seat. In addition, the metro 70cc has a great fuel mileage. This is one of the best features of this bike. All things considered, riders get the best 70cc motorbike in this range. The metro 70cc also has chrome plated rear shocks. Furthermore, the covers and outer springs are also chrome plated. As a result, it gives the metro 70 a very sexy look.  Metro Motorcycle Company gives a very good thing with its entire bike range. This is a 1-year warranty.

The Company behind Metro 70 cc Premier Plus

Metro motorcycle is one of the sub-brands of Ohad Motors. This company has a great repo for giving customers with the most top quality products at affordable prices. Similarly, the objective of this firm is to simply give customers the best motorcycles they will ever ride. In addition to this, metro 70cc and all other metro bikes has the latest tech. Moreover, all metro bikes are very eco-friendly at the same time. Furthermore, they use the best materials and the best technology in their bikes. As a result, their repo in making strongest and fastest motor bikes is still on top.

In addition, the company which sells metro 70cc believes in research. Therefore, it invests heavily in man power training. Moreover it also invests heavily in R & D. In fact, they try to hire the best people which are skilled. As a result, they happen to be the most advanced company in Pakistan. Metro motorcycle company has been giving the people great items and bikes with constant success. Moreover, they are firm on their aim and making top quality motor bikes. Consequently, they are meeting the ever growing demands and needs of the Pakistani market.

Metro 70cc premier plus Colors

No doubt that every person is different. As a matter of fact, their choices are going to be different too A choice of someone may not be the choice of another person. Therefore, everyone has different color choices in whatever they buy. Vehicle is something which a lot of people see on regular basis. Therefore, it a person is looking for a bike, he will have an ideal color option. Therefore, metro 70cc is available to buy in two different exciting and stylish colors: black and red. Both of the colors of metro 70cc have their own unique look. Moreover, they have diff graphics on their bodies too. More sales are of the black color, as per the needs of Pakistani people. However, the red color of metro 70cc is great as well. Both colors look stylish and sexy on the road.


metro premier plus
Color Black

Features of Metro 70cc Premier Plus:

 The Metro 70cc is a great addition to the range of metro motorcycles. Metro has gone out of the way to give the customers the features of this bike. The metro 70 has an elegant petrol tank and side cover graphics. Moreover, it has a great air-cooled single cylinder SOHC engine. The speed meter of this bike adds to the success of this bike. It is unlike any other bike in the market. No doubt that metro 70cc is unique and offers great features.

In addition to this, the metro 70 has a really nice and soft leather seat. As a result, the rider sits on it with great comfort. Similarly, this seat makes the bike ideal for long routes. Moreover, the head lights and backlights are attractive too. In addition to this, their muffler exhaust is chrome plated. This looks really nice and sexy. An amazing feature of metro 70cc is its fuel mileage. It gives around 60 km per liters. This is great for an economy bike.

Metro 70cc technical Specs:

Before starting the discussion about the specs of the amazing metro 70cc, let’s talk about its best thing. The best thing about the metro 70 is its resale value. Furthermore, the gear shift of this bike is very smooth. In addition, the compression ratio is 8.8:1. In addition, the metro 70cc has a ground clearance of 135 mm. The engine of metro 70cc is OHV 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder engine. Moreover, the bore and stroke is 47.5 x 49.5 mm. In addition, the bike’s displacement is 72 cc. The overall dimension is 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm. Moreover, this bike is a kick start bike.

The front tyre of the metro 70cc is 2.25 -17 PR. Moreover, the tire at the back is great having 2.50 – 17 PR. The metro 70cc has a dry weight of 85 Kg. As a result, the bike has great balance on the road. Moreover, it is super fast on the road as well. Similarly, the metro 70cc has a 4-speed transmission. Furthermore, it has a wet plate multi-clutch system, making this bike great overall. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is around 8.5 liters. This is one drawback, but the mileage makes it up for it. The metro premier plus 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR 48,500. This is a very economical price if you look at 70 cc bikes.


Metro 70cc Premier Plus Specification

EngineOHV Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single CylinderDisplacement78 cc
Bore & Stroke47 x 49.5 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
ClutchManual wet multi-plateTransmission4 Speed Manual, Continuous, Forward
StartingKick StarterFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)1897 x 751 x 1014 mmGround Clearance135 mm
Petrol Capacity8.5 LtrTyre at Front2.25 17 (4PR)
Tyre at Back2.50 17 (4PR)Dry Weight85 KG