Motorbike Washing Tips | To wash the motorcycle or not to? |

Motorbike Washing Tips

To wash the motorcycle or not to? A question which often people ask themselves before actually washing the bike. Just in case you are in love with your bike then definitely it’s a different story.  In that condition probably your bike enjoy more showers then you. Whatever the case, washing a motorcycle is a must. The polluted environment, scorching heat and to make an impact, the bike should shine brightly. However, in a country like Pakistan, it’s hard to find reliable shops for bike cleaning. Leave alone shops but even finding a reliable person to sleek clean the bike is equally tough. Therefore, here are quick and handy tips to take bike cleaning in your own hands. Clean your bike next time like a pro without the stress of corroding the paint or negatively impacting the mechanics.

Start with a cool bike –

The bike has to be cool in temperature before and not so cool in appearance would even do. Naturally, when metal is heated it expands. However, spraying it with cold water involves the risk of damaging the parts. Also, this can even compromise the finishing of the bike. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to wait for the parts to be at room temperature before you start.

Use washers with moderate pressure –

People often use washers with high pressure when cleaning the bike. They believe the stronger the pressure, the better is cleaning. High pressure may be good for removing substances from the bike but it removes almost everything including paint. Also, high-pressure washer force water to enter those areas of bike which might cause engine problems later. Adding on, high pressure also removes oil from places where the lubrication is a must. As a result, high-pressure washer might help to remove cement but at the same time, it will create serious issues.

It is advisable to wash the bike with cool water thoroughly at first. This will remove any dirt from the bike and then softly rub it with sponge or cloth. Then after some time rinse it again, most of the dirt will be removed during this step only. Later, you may wash the bike in detail.

Avoid the sun –

The scorching heat can make the bike paint come off especially when it is wet as the paint gets soft. Also, this can actually sacrifice the bike shine to a great extent. Plus the surf water can easily dry on the bike leaving stains which are hard to get rid of. Always wash off one part of the bike before moving onto another so that stains can be avoided.

Use products which are designed for motorcycles –

In the sheer moment of ignorance, people tend to use products such as detergents which are not designed for bikes. The harsh chemicals in these products are good enough to fade/scratch away bike paint and even compromise its shine.

Quick Tips –

Always clean the fragile parts made up of plastic with a soft cloth. Dip the cloth in mild detergent and wipe off the dirt. Cleaning the cloth in a bucket of clean water. Use wax of good quality and of brands which are renown. Do not invest in new or cheap brands as it can compromise the feel and look of the bike. Later, when done with washing bike. The engine should be warmed up as this will evaporate water from gaps and corners. Lubrication is the key – Once done with the entire procedure, immediately lubricate the bike.

Now your bike as good as new and you can enjoy a ride on the bike. Until the time it gets dirty again.