Motorcycle Assemblers Increase Prices in Pakistan |

Motorcycle Assemblers Increase Prices

After increase in petroleum and oil lubricant prices it was much anticipated that prices of almost everything will hike up. It happened as expected, most of the motorcycle assemblers in the region have increased the prices of Chinese and Japanese bikes. The reason put forward for high price is not due to petroleum and oil lubricants but instead depreciation of rupee. It is no surprise that since past few weeks the price of dollar is hiking up. As a result, value of money is continuously falling and due to this, the price of important parts is increasing.

The assemblers are not only one to be blamed. On the other hand, Pak Suzuki has also increased the price of several models. This is the second time in a year that the company has increased bike prices. Moving on, the other bike manufacturer in the region, Yamaha has also increased the bike prices. These new bike prices will be effective from May 1, 2018.

Pak Suzuki new bike prices have been increased with a good margin of couple of thousands. Previously these prices were increased between the range of PKR.500-1000.  Suzuki SD110 ECO which was previously available for PKR.111,400 is now priced at 114,900. Whereas GD110S is now available for PKR.139,500 instead of PKR.136,000. Moreover, GS 150 and GS150SE are now available for PKR.147000, 167,000 respectively. These models GS150 and GS150SE were previously priced at PKR.143,500 and PKR.163,500.

Last year, the assemblers of Japanese bikes did mention the reason for the increase in bike prices. However, this time the actual reason remains unknown for bike price. The main reason is not even mentioned in the letter issued to authorized dealers. Yet it’s surprising that Pak Suzuki managed to sell more units in July-March 2017-2018 as compared to last year. The company sold 15,971 units this year, approximately 2,372 units more in comparison to previous year.

The competitor Yamaha Motors increased the bike prices more or less same as Pak Suzuki. Previously, the models YB125Z, YBR125G and YBR125 were available at PKR.115,900, PKR.134,500, and PKR.130,500.Now, these bikes are available at .117,900, PKR.137,900 and PKR.133,900.

Pak Suzuki new bike prices will be effective from May 1. Whereas Yamaha bike prices will be brought into practice from May 15.

Atlas Honda is not left behind in this rat race, they even increased the price twice. The company first increased bike prices back in January 2018 and then in April 2018. This time increasing the prices between the range of PKR. 500-3000.

In the category of Chinese bikes, Razi Motors increased the bike prices by PKR.1000. These new prices will be imposed from May 5. Adding on, Pak  Star Automotive increased the prices by PKR.4000 for Auto Rickshaw/loader and bike cargo. Not only this, Ohad Motors increased the prices of loader PKR.4000 as well.

The prices are further assumed to remain increasing until and unless dollar price is not stabilized against Pakistan Rupee. Over the past 4 months, the dollar has increased 9% against Pakistan Rupee. It is further assumed that this increase in price may not have an adverse effect on bike sales. Particularly due to the reason that condition of public transport is miserable