Motorcycle Training Institute for Females in Pakistan – A Reality? |

Motorcycle Training Institute for Females in Pakistan – A Reality???

Pakistan is one of those countries which has a lot of potentials.  Not only as the country itself but the nation as well. The talent and abilities of the population can surprise one to a great extent. In the recent years, the major change which was noticed in the country was female empowerment. The women of the country did not only emerged in all the fields. Yet they also proved to be a good addition to the team.

As a result, it was not long ago, that motorcycle companies felt the need to try their luck in this market segment as well. Launching scooties purely designed for this  49% population of the country. However, it was sad to see that not much scooties are found on the streets although they are convenient to ride. Scooties are way easier than motorcycles yet not the preference of many women. What could be the possible reasons? The answer still remains a mystery.

Under such situation expecting a motorcycle training institutes can be the result of irrational thinking. At one point others do believe that having a motorcycle training institute can work wonders. Few believe that since women are coming forward in all fields of life, in such situation if motorcycle training can work well.

Firstly the motorcycle institute will help to fight hesitation. Lack of confidence for riding a bike on Pakistan streets and then having lack of skills. These factors certainly push the number of females backs from riding a motorcycle even if they originally plan to. Secondly, a motorcycle training institute can help to give right knowledge and skills to women. So that they can ride a motorcycle easily. However, I personally believe it’s too early to expect such revolutionary change in the region. Since we are still living in a country where it was not ok for women to drive a car.

Simply thinking it’s something they are not good at it. Comments such as “must be a woman” whenever one sees a bad driver or “why are you driving like girls?”. Its only recently that people have turned out to be more open-minded towards female drivers. Yet there is lack of auto training institutes in Pakistan. On the other hand, the other issue will be finding female trainers for these motorcycle training institutes. There are not many females who know how to ride a motorbike. Whereas most of the females will not be open to the idea of learning the bike form male instructor.

At this point, if one is expecting a motorcycle training institute it little not less than a dream. As we yet need to break social norms and taboos to digest the concept of women riding a bike. Making it more acceptable to the society. The motorcycle training can work well in future. Looking upon the way the country is progressing. Probably motorcycle will turn out to be more convenient and likable transport for females in future. However, at the moment motorcycle training institute for females is something too early to ask for.