Mountain Dew Biggest Stunt Show in Karachi Pakistan ||

Mountain Dew’s Biggest Stunt Show in Karachi

Mountain Dew is known for adventure and introducing stuff which gives one adrenaline rush. Not only thrilling and fun but something out of the box. They are known for bringing extreme sports in the region and they are actually acing the art. Recently, Mountain Dew came up with something of similar nature. The company PepsiCo under the label of Mountain Dew arranged a three days show. Mountain Dew this three days campaign was fun filed, full of actions. Not only it was star-studded but it had one of the finest bikes.

This three days show was initiated in Karachi on April 21, 2018. Moreover, it is being labeled as one of the biggest show not only in Karachi but also of Pakistan. This was one of the healthy initiatives since our youth is prone towards bikes and look forward to such shows. This show covered one of the finest and chic bikes in town. The show was held at Moin Khan Stadium and was indeed one of the biggest bike show. Mountain Dew under the label brought together number of FMX and Super Bikes.  Adding on, that was not it along with it they were Freestyle Motorcross Stunts. These stunts were performed by the top-notch riders. These riders were not only from Pakistan but they came from various corners of the world. Honestly, it was heaven on earth for all the bike fanatics and lovers. Few of the renowned bike stunners were popular Nick De Witt (South Africa) and Frog Bergen (Sweden). If you think this was it, you are certainly wrong. Adding on, Dallan Goldman, Crowned King of the Whip literally left the audience spell bounded. It was simply awe-inspiring.  The night was further lit by Superbikes stunts coming from none other than Didi Bizzaro.

The night was perfect to give you an adrenaline rush and to soothe your passion for bikes. The fearless stunts by these professionals were sure to make your heart skip a beat. It was simply beyond amazing. Mountain Dew has been actively involved in conducting similar events earlier as well. They have been involved in delivering an exceptional experience to customers both nationally and internationally. They also have number of events lined up for future. All these events are surely going to excel the art of adventure and thrill. They are known for delivering fearless and ruthless thrilling events which are one of their kind. One can simply not get enough of the event and remains hooked for the next.  Moreover, the stunts are not the only thing offered at the amazing Mountain Dew event. It is followed by fabulous and incredible performances by Call – the band. Along with performances by Somewhat Super and a Drum act which thrilled the audience. The event was indeed a great hit. It was attended by a great number of artists from film and music industry. If you are not from Karachi, do not worry as these events are soon to be held in Lahore and Islamabad. So gear up guys.