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MTMIS Motor Transport Management Information System

MTMIS actually a system to verify vehicles online in Pakistan. The system helps the government to find out vehicle registration details and easily provides information of vehicles in Pakistan. Moreover, Motor Transport Management Information Systems keeps a set of records of automobile taxation and laws. The laws may include route permits and enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. Furthermore, this helps to increase transparency and enable rapid communication, also generating revenues. The service and the dealings of MTMIS  is up to the mark. This system has helped the public to remain hassle free, although with such corrupt government offices. Now any individual can get the details with one click.

Verification of documents is a fundamental job before buying a used car. So MTMIS is being created for this reason.  The citizens of Pakistan are the beneficiary of this service. Beginning from Sindh, which is linked with Excise and taxation Karachi and Motor registration authority Karachi. This MTMIS is implemented in major cities of Sindh including Karachi. Moreover, Motor Transport Management Information System verifies both the four wheelers and the two-wheelers. online vehicle verification Islamabad.

A very easy form of the verification process is there for the people of Sindh. After the process is complete, a chart is there. This chart includes the car’s registration number and date, its tax payments and its engine number. Moreover, it also tells the vehicle owner’s name, the class of the vehicle and its horsepower. Furthermore, its body type, model year, seating capacity and remarks can also easily be gone through.

As Motor Transport Management Information Systems (MTMIS) also contains an online portal, its provides a comprehensive look of the car. Verified cars in Sindh are as follow. Karachi has 9000+ used cars leading the table, with Hyderabad on the second with 220 cars. Moreover, Sukkur owns 37 used cars, Larkana has 8. Mirpur Khas, Ghotki and Jacobabad have around 5 to 7 Verified used cars. online vehicle verification Islamabad.

MTMIS-Sindh – Online Vehicle Verification Sindh

Sindh is associated with Excise and taxation Karachi which is the main tax revenue collecting agency of the Government. It plays an active services role for resources in Pakistan. This department has the authority to issue a license for intoxicants for example Liquor. The taxpayers inclined in this department in Sindh are more than 5 million. This system has helped Pakistan in an enhanced recovery of Motor vehicle tax. The excise and taxation system is a source of secure and comprehensive data of every registered vehicle. MR wing Karachi. aclc Karachi. Mr Wing Karachi. excise and taxation Sindh contact number.

MTMIS Punjab – Excise and Taxation Punjab token tax

Second, comes the mightiest province of Pakistan, Punjab. MTMIS Punjab online vehicle Checking is available for the convenience of the customers in Punjab. As it’s too common to hear different cases of car deal frauds and it’s a fundamental job to check the car history. Therefore, it is very important for the government of Punjab to take action against it like the MTMISPunjab.

This online verification system of Punjab is slightly different to that of Sindh. The cars which aren’t cleared by MTMIS, stuck and the people are warned not to buy those. There have been cases when people have been stuck in a lot of trouble and sometimes have lost their money. excise and taxation Punjab token tax. It’s always recommended not to buy unauthorized vehicles as they may be stolen or so.

It is easy to check the history of the vehicle with the excise and taxation Punjab. The authority provides a list of all the information of the car one wishes to buy. The tax history of the vehicle can also be set up by the excise and taxation Punjab. A lot of cars have been roaming around the province with negative tax records. This means that the taxes are not up to the mark. excise and taxation Punjab token tax.

MTMIS Lahore – Excise and Taxation Lahore

The MTMIS Punjab and MTMIS Lahore have been extremely successful in figuring out solutions in these cases. Moreover, in recent times the response to both MTMISPunjab and Lahore has been remarkably positive. The online vehicle checking facility is also beneficial for the citizens of a province. After the verification process, a list is there which gives details of the vehicle. The details include the registration number of a car and the engine number of a car. Moreover, it also shows  Chassis number, the registration date, and the makers name. Furthermore, on the list, you’ll also find the year of manufacture, the vehicle price, and the color. excise and taxation Lahore.

A complete set of details of the owners is also there with the authority. Moreover, this includes the Owner’s name, the Owner’s Father Name and the city in which the owner lives. excise and taxation Lahore. The details depend on the number of times the car registers. If vehicle transfer twice or thrice the MTMISPunjab will show it accordingly.

According to MTMISLahore, the used cars in the province are as follows. Lahore has 10,000+ used cars leading the table with Rawalpindi as second with a maximum of 3000 cars. Then there is Multan with around 1000 second-hand cars, then Faisalabad which as 876 cars. Furthermore, Gujranwala has 642 second-hand cars and Bahawalpur owns 544. Moreover, Sialkot, Sargodha, and Gujrat have around 250-500 cars each. The MTMISPunjab is the largest amongst all as the total used cars of Punjab only have exceeded the total cars of Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK. excise and taxation Lahore.

MTMIS-KPK – Online Vehicle Verification KPK

The third comes MTMIS KPK. As online vehicle verification has become vital in all of Pakistan, so has it been in the smallest province, KPK. Furthermore, KPK is famous for car frauds such as body changed cars, which are easily found there. It’s extremely important to have genuine cars when one wills to buy. Like the others, KPK also has an excise and taxation system. Moreover, the registration of cars in KPK is rather typical than the Sindh. It’s different in procedures and costs. online vehicle verification kpk.

A sizeable percentage of vehicles also belong to KPK Peshawar. The MTMISKPK also provides a table after the verification of the car. The table also includes Maker name, Chassis number, and the owner’s name. Moreover, it also shows the Model number, Engine number and Owner’s father name.

According to MTMISKPK, the used cars in the province are as follows. Firstly, there is Peshawar which has 1000+ cars with Abbottabad in second with a total of 299 used cars. Mansehra, Nowshera, Sawabi, and Kohat have around 50-75 cars each. MTMIS Balochistan (online vehicle verification Balochistan). online vehicle verification KPK.

MTMIS is important for the past, present and the future of Pakistan.

All provinces have their own Motor Transport Management Information System). Every Province has different MTMI’S with different parameters. MTMI’S system helped to prevent fraud in the previous years and till date. Used cars are in business these days. Clean and a no-fraud used car is what everyone wills to have. Motor Transport Management Information System is a key to get the complete details of any vehicle within no time.


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